Tourney Picks from the Beyond

This Sacramento psychic shares her astral bracket (courtesy of Twitter/@asktammy)

Tammy Adams is a psychic in Sacramento, California. And when it comes to college basketball, she confesses to knowing almost nothing.

Of course, that didn’t stop her from using her “divine gifts” to make some picks in this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Adams claims to know which teams will advance because of the energy she feels when she focuses on each of them.

“It’s like I’m closing my eyes and I’m able to see them play,” she told local reporters recently, one of whom handed her a blank bracket and asked her to prove it. She didn’t pick every game, but here’s what she had to say.


“Butler, I know this is gonna sound not very nice but they’re a little egotistical,” Adams said. And in her view, this overconfidence would lead to an early exit for the Bulldogs.

Sadly, this prediction was wrong. Butler cruised past Bucknell 68-56 in Thursday’s action. And for Adams, that’s strike one.


UCLA is a 6-seed playing Minnesota, an 11-seed, and that seems like “an easy call” to Adams.

“UCLA I see as a team,” the prognosticator pointed out. “I see them happy. I see them working together.”

That game doesn’t air until later tonight, so we’ll have to wait and see if this prediction comes true. I’m fairly certain it will, so we’ll go ahead and give Adams the win.

Her record now stands at 1-1.


According to Adams, Oregon has something to prove and will get the best of the Cowboys, who hold the higher seeding.

“It’s like they’re really excited about proving that point,” she said. “So that’s why I see them doing so well.”

I’m sure Adams doesn’t know this, but a 12-seed defeats a 5-seed every single year, for the most part. So why not the Oregon Ducks?

Do I hear a possible 2-1 record for our psychic friend? Perhaps…


Duh! It certainly doesn’t take a psychic to predict this winner, but let’s hear what Adams had to say just for the heck of it: “New Mexico is pretty strong. There’s a guy on their team that is most likely going to end up going to the professionals.”

For someone who claims to know nothing about basketball, that’s a pretty ironic proclamation. Guard Kendall Williams is a superstar for the team and most scouts believe he’ll go to the NBA as a top 50 pick.

Freaky. And Adams now stands at 3-1, potentially.


This is another pick that doesn’t take a psychic to figure out. Miami is a 2-seed facing a 15-seed, so this should be a gimme. Nevertheless, here’s what Adams had to say for the Pacific Tigers: “They’re gonna look really bad and then they’re gonna end up taking off and doing a great job later.” In the end, however, it won’t be enough and the Miami Hurricanes will be the ones advancing.

Big surprise there. The Canes are the undisputed favorite and a loss to Pacific is highly unlikely. So congratulations, Ms. Adams. You’re 4-1. Not a bad record.

This is her first bracket. Aww, how sweet (courtesy of CBS Local-Sacramento)


Now for the half-million-dollar question: Who does Adams see in the final game?

The million dollar question is obviously who the champions will be, but no psychic is stupid enough to make that prediction. Too much room for error.

Drum roll please.

“On this side, I will definitely say Indiana,” Adams explained as she presented her final bracket. “Then on this side, this Gonzaga looks really positive.”

Interestingly enough, she might be right. Then again, she might not. And there’s the rub.

I’ve never been one to believe in psychics. And nothing Ms. Adams said came close to changing my mind. But I give her credit. After all, my luck in predicting these tournaments has never been that great.

Why not see what a psychic has to say about it, right?

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