Buzz about Butt Billboards

This just cracks me up! (courtesy of KARE-11 TV)

I have always been a firm believer in truth in advertising, as some of my previous posts illustrate. However, some of the most creative advertising I have seen recently comes from a rather unlikely source: the Minnesota Department of Health.

In an effort to draw more attention to and increase awareness about colon health—as well as colon cancer—the MDH has posted some eye-catching billboards around the Twin Cities area. And residents can’t help but take notice.

Who wouldn’t notice an oversize plumber’s crack staring them in the face during their morning commute?

Some have questioned this new advertising strategy and a few have even deemed it offensive, but I disagree. According to recent statistics, more than 2,000 Minnesotans will receive a diagnosis of colon cancer and as many as 600-700 of them could eventually die from it, so this is an important issue.

Bend over for your health (courtesy of KARE-11 TV)

“We want people to be talking about this,” said MDH official and educator Laura Friedenberg. “It can be an awkward thing to talk about, but hopefully they will see these and get screened.”

They refers to anyone over 50 years of age, the starting point for regular colon check-ups. And yes, check-up actually means colonoscopy, a procedure most of us dread. At least I hope most of us dread it. I shudder to think there might be people out there who actually enjoy a deep anal probe, but to each his own (or her own, for that matter).

Kudos to the MDH for doing what is necessary to inform the public in a creative and memorable way. And I hope this innovative and edgy campaign actually yields positive results.

After all, when it comes to colon health, none of us can afford to get BEHIND.

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  1. That’s great combine with Jennifer’s billboard from a couple posts back and you’ll have people driving off the road…. 😉

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