To Rape No More

This face tormented victims for decades (courtesy of AP/Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office)

After 35 years on the lam, it looks like luck has finally run out for convicted serial rapist Gary Irving—otherwise known as Gregg Irving in Gorham, Maine, where the fugitive has been hiding for more than three decades.

Now 52, Irving was 18 when he was convicted of raping three women in Massachusetts. On one occasion, he held a young woman at knife-point and threatened to kill her if she didn’t comply with his demands. On another, Irving knocked a woman off her bicycle, dragged her into the woods and raped her repeatedly.

We’re talking about a real “salt of the earth” kind of guy here. And yes, I am being quite facetious. He’s trash.

What happened in that Norfolk County court in 1978 boggles the mind. The judge—the Honorable Robert Prince, I’m supposed to say—in his profound judgment (facetious) saw fit to grant Irving bail after he was found guilty of raping those women. In his mind, he was allowing Irving and his family time to prepare for what was to come, possibly a sentence of life in prison.

In reality, he was providing Irving with exactly what he wanted: a get out of jail free card.

Irving obviously skipped bail, took off and successfully reintegrated himself into society up north. And despite changing only his first name—to something like Gregg, which seems kind of obvious to me—the authorities never found him, at least not until recently. How in the hell did they miss that?

For years, Irving worked installing telephones in Gorham businesses. And during his absence, he was added to the Massachusetts Top 10 Most Wanted list and even appeared on such shows as Unsolved Mysteries and America’s Most Wanted.

I guess the people of Gorham don’t watch much television. Otherwise you’d think someone would have recognized Irving after catching one of these programs.

Irving at the time of his arrest (courtesy of Reuters

Instead, he lived on and could have possibly repeated his criminal behavior in Maine. In the opinion of Louis Sabadini, the prosecutor in Irving’s original rape case, “rapists generally have a tendency to commit that crime over and over again, so I don’t know what he has been doing all those years.”

Just to be safe, the Maine police are reviewing unsolved rape cases to see if Irving could be connected to any of them. And based on what Sabadini said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were.

Fortunately, this predator is now safely behind bars in Portland. And this time, he’s being held without bail, which is a nice touch. Irving is also getting a weapons charge since police found a number of illegal firearms in his home.

In other words, he could be going away for a long, long time. The unfortunate thing, though, is that even if Irving gets a life sentence, it can never compare to the time he spent free.

Time he stole from three young women—and maybe more—I might add.

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  1. Wow, how did evade the law for so long? Incredible really…but it does happen, unfortunately and I have a horrible feeling that they are going to find a trail of rape and destruction with links to him.

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