Grossest. Injury. Ever.

Ware is back on his feet again (courtesy of Twitter)

Ware is back on his feet again (courtesy of Twitter)

Warning: This is as gross as the title claims. And there is a picture that could cause nightmares, so please beware.

By now, I’m sure many of you have seen the injury sustained by Louisville’s sophomore guard Kevin Ware during Sunday night’s NCAA Midwest Regional victory over Duke.

It was, by far, the nastiest sports-related injury that I have ever witnessed. And it easily eclipsed the former number one held by Hall of Fame Washington Redskins‘ quarterback Joe Theismann, who ended his NFL career by having his leg snapped by New York Giants Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson in 1985 (see it here).

This is not for the faint of heart. But if you simply must see it for yourself, go here.

I shudder every time I think about it.

The injury came in the first half as Ware was defending a three-point shot by Duke’s Tyler Thornton. He went up for the block, came down horribly wrong and likely made everyone in that arena—as well as those watching at home—throw up in their mouths a little at the sight.

Ware’s leg not only snapped like a dry twig. It also dangled there for a second with the bone sticking through the skin before Ware finally fell to the ground. A quick-thinking trainer (I think) immediately covered the injury with a towel, thus preventing a full-fledged Barf-O-Rama from taking place.

It was truly horrific. Just ask Joe Theismann, who was watching the game in his Virginia home.

OMG! That is disgusting! (courtesy of Getty Images)

OMG! That is disgusting! (courtesy of Getty Images)

“My world just came to a complete stop,” Joe told reporters later. “It was just a horrible, horrible thing to see happen—I hate to see anybody have an injury that is anywhere near anything like I went through.”

That makes two million or more of us, Joe. And it’s not something I care to see again anytime soon, either.

Fortunately, Ware had emergency surgery overnight and a metal rod was inserted into his leg to help stabilize it. Coach Rick Pitino paid him a visit—complete with the trophy his team just won—and today he was even spotted walking around on crutches.

In other words, there’s a good chance Kevin Ware will be fine. His game will undoubtedly be affected, at least in the beginning, but he’s a young, athletic guy. I’m sure he’ll bounce back.

Whether I watch him play again, though, remains to be seen. I’m not sure I could stand another gross-out like the last one!

Good luck with your recovery, Kevin!

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  1. Is this real? Is that really his bone? Is this an April Fools Joke? That’s really disturbing, if it’s true though, I hope he recovers fully and well!

  2. okay, I’ll check it out later.

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