Beauty and the Beast

Klum in SI way back in 2002 (courtesy of Sports Illustrated)

Easter Sunday was celebrated by people all over the world—at least I think it was—but there were some who nearly lost their lives on this fateful day. More specifically, there were people who would have drowned had it not been for the swift action of fellow humans and, in one case, a courageous canine.

It truly was beauty and the beast to the rescue.

Beauty came in the form of supermodel and Project Runway host Heidi Klum, arguably one of the sexiest women around and by far one of my favorite Sports Illustrated swimsuit models of all time.

On Sunday, Klum, her family and several nannies were enjoying their Hawaiian beach vacation when a riptide suddenly pulled her 7-year-old son Henry out with the current. Even the nannies got caught up in the strong waves.

With no consideration for their own safety, 39-year-old Klum and her bodyguard boyfriend, Martin Kirsten, rushed into the sea to rescue their peeps.

“We were pulled into the ocean by a big wave,” she told reporters later. “Like any mother, I was very scared for my child and everyone else in the water. Thankfully, Henry is a strong swimmer and was able to swim back to land and we were able to get everyone else out safely.”

Thankfully, Henry and his nannies are fine and no one suffered any major injuries. And I know one thing for certain.

He couldn’t ask for a better mother. Nice work, Heidi and Martin!

The Beast in my title doesn’t accurately describe this next hero, who seems more like an angel than an animal. His name is Rocky and he’s an 8-year-old husky-Lab mix.

And on Easter Sunday—along with his owner, Adam Shaw—Rocky played the part of saviour for two young girls.

The incident occurred in Edmonton, Alberta, as 9-year-old Samara and her 10-year-old sister Krymzen were sledding in a park near the Saskatchewan River. At one point, their toboggan came to rest on a sheet of ice extending from the river bank. And sadly, the ice wasn’t very thick.

Shaw and Rocky were walking over a nearby bridge when they suddenly heard the girls screaming. Shaw investigated, saw one of the girls in the icy water—with her sister struggling to pull her out—and immediately rushed to help. By the time he and Rocky got there, though, both of the girls were in the water.

Shaw managed to pull Krymzen from the icy river, but the current grabbed hold of Samara and started carrying her downstream. Shaw tried to reach her and even tossed Rocky’s leash to her, but he just couldn’t get there. And with each passing second, Samara was getting further and further away.

Even worse, the ice under Shaw and Rocky gave way and they both ended up in the freezing river, too. Luckily, Shaw was able to push Rocky back onto the shore and to use his pet to help pull himself to safety.

Of course, Samara was still drifting away. And when Shaw asked if she could swim, she told him that she couldn’t feel her arms and legs.


Shaw and Rocky saved the day (courtesy of Ed Kaiser/Edmonton Journal)

Time was running out. It was time for Shaw to take more desperate measures, so he turned to Rocky for help.

“I put the leash around Rocky and pushed him to get in the water and I told her if she could get [hold] of his leash, we could get her back to the ice,” Shaw recounted later. “He jumped in right beside her.”

With Rocky so close, Samara was finally able to get a grip on his leash and hung on for dear life as this brave, selfless animal swam back to shore and his owner. Once they were close enough, Shaw was able to pull them both to safety.

Emergency workers arrived a short time later and transported the girls to a local hospital for treatment. And according to the latest reports, they are both expected to be fine.

“These two young ladies are very, very fortunate that such a family happened along and were able to intervene,” Fire Chief Ken Block said of the daring rescue.

And Block didn’t stop there. This past Monday, he honored Shaw and Rocky at his fire station, rewarding Shaw with a fireman’s hat and Rocky with the best reward he could ever want: a huge rawhide bone.

What an amazing animal! And his owner’s pretty amazing, too!

Easter Sunday could have become a day of tragedy and despair for the families mentioned here—one they would be forced to relive every single year. Thanks to these incredible heroes, though—from different species, I might add—Easter will be cause for even more celebrations to come.

I often end posts with one of my favorite catch phrases: Be good to each other. Of course, nothing is better than seeing it in action, especially when non-humans take up the cause!

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