Terror at Lone Star

Quick didn’t live up to his name and got busted (courtesy of @CHEESIN365 via Instagram)

It has happened yet again.

After three people were shot and wounded at Lone Star College‘s North Harris campus in Houston last January, a second attack just occurred at the Cy-Fair campus northwest of the Texas city.

Only this time there was no gun; there was a knife or some other sharp instrument. Police are still trying to figure that one out.

The attack took place around 11 a.m. Tuesday morning when 20-year-old student Dylan Quick—currently being held by authorities—started stabbing people near the Health Science Center. By the time he was finally wrestled to the ground by another student, he had injured at least fifteen people, mostly in the head and neck areas.

Three of Quick’s victims suffered only minor lacerations and were treated at the scene. Twelve others were either driven or flown by helicopter to hospitals in the region. According to the latest reports, two of the stabbing victims are in critical condition, one was discharged and three others had their conditions upgraded to good.

Fortunately, no one has died, but we’re certainly not “out of the woods” yet.

Michelle Alvarez witnessed the attack and nearly became one of Quick’s victims: “He came running and swinging at my neck, as I tried to get out of the way.” Luckily, he only grazed her neck, leaving a faint red line down her windpipe.

Another student, Steven Maida, didn’t see the attack, but was there to witness its aftermath. There was blood on the stairs and victims running by with wounds to their heads, throats and even faces.

“I just took off downstairs running  and searching for the attacker,” he recounted later. And though the identity of the student who tackled Quick has not yet been confirmed, Maida claims it was him, or at least him and several other students.

Personally, I believe him. And I thank him for acting so quickly. There’s no telling how many other students would have been injured if he (and perhaps others) never intervened.

Of course, chasing down an attacker with a knife is much easier than one with a gun, but that shouldn’t detract from Maida’s act of heroism. It still takes courage.

Maida claims that he took Quick down (courtesy of @CHEESEIN365 via Instagram)

That afternoon, the campus was placed on lockdown until authorities completed their initial investigation, at which point everyone was sent home. With any luck, the campus will open as scheduled tomorrow.

At this point, Quick’s motive for stabbing so many of his classmates remains a mystery. I’m sure he’s being questioned thoroughly—maybe at this very moment—so perhaps we’ll know more soon.

One thing I do know, however, is that Lone Star often touts itself as the fastest-growing community college system in America and has six separate campuses to prove it. Of course, quick growth and expansion might mean less attention is being paid to the students they are admitting, as well. And based on the news of late, it might be time to focus a little more on this area, especially where mental illness is concerned.

Might I recommend adding some kind of psychological screening to your admission requirements, Lone Star? At this rate, it may someday be mandatory on all college campuses, so why not get a jump on the competition?

After all, you still have four safe campuses left.

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  1. Darn those evil assault knives! Why do we need them? We should ban them… Sorry if that seems a bit flippant, I do hope that everyone survives their injuries and no lasting physical or mental damage has occurred. However, this does point to something I’ve been saying time and time (even on here a time or two.) That the actual violence needs to be addressed, all the gun bans in the world wouldn’t have stopped this attack and time and resources lost battling over whether to or not to ban any, all, or no guns, might have been redirected to getting us closer towards curbing this rising number of people committing these kinds of acts.

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