Help Identify Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects… Please!

In a press conference that ended only moments ago, the FBI released photographs of two suspects in Monday’s bombing of the Boston Marathon. Here are the images from their official site—and please note that these are the only authorized images to consider. Anything different just isn’t genuine. Visit the official FBI website to view them all.

This first image shows the two suspects close together:

Suspect 1 and Suspect 2

Do these guys look familiar? (courtesy of the FBI)

This just shows suspect one:

Suspect 1, Bird’s-Eye Side View

Someone has to recognize him (courtesy of the FBI)

The image of suspect two is kind of hazy:

Suspect 2, Full-Length Front View

Anyone know him? (courtesy of FBI)

If either of these twenty-something men look familiar to you, please contact your local law enforcement immediately. Under no circumstances should you attempt to locate, interact with or apprehend either suspect, even if you happen to be related to them or very close friends with them.

DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN HARM’S WAY. Leave that to the authorities.

One thing you should also remember is this: these men are only suspects and have not been found guilty of any crime. Nevertheless, they could also be the perpetrators of this heinous act and, as such, should be considered armed and dangerous.

Just to be on the safe side, you know?

I realize my reach is limited to my wonderful readers—many of whom live outside the United States—but I am still pleading with everyone.

If you know either of the men in these photographs, please do not hesitate. Pick up the phone and let the police know. Your haste could save lives, while also ensuring that justice is served after so many lives were lost in Boston.


And thanks for taking the time to read this and—hopefully—to spread the word to others.

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