A Blog a Day

Writer’s block is another obstacle facing bloggers like me (courtesy of Indie Reader)

It had to happen eventually.

After blogging daily for more than eight months, I finally hit a day when publishing a post seemed unlikely.


Granted, by virtue of writing this post, I will still publish something. It’s just not what I expected and, as you can see, it isn’t very long, either.

I realize that size supposedly doesn’t matter—whether I choose to believe it or not—but length does. At least that’s what I’ve always been told.

Also, this blogging every day thing is hardly easy, as I’m sure any bloggers in the crowd already know. Life always gets in the way, so sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

Take today, for instance.

I was hoping to post something last night—which is my usual routine—but a combination of allergy problems and lack of sleep sealed that deal. I passed out on the sofa and missed that opportunity.

My work schedule had some gaps in it and I was hoping to blog earlier today, but once again I managed to fill them all with other tasks and unexpected meetings. So once again, blogging fell by the wayside.


You live, you blog (Courtesy of hgjohn)

Fortunately, my iPhone is awesome and despite being at my son’s tee ball practice, I was able to churn this out. All the bells and whistles may be missing—namely pictures (which you now see since I had a chance to update this post, thank goodness)—but those can always be added later. I don’t know anyone who visits blogs just for pictures anyway, at least not many of them.

So even though this post is kind of a let-down, for me as well, it definitely served its purpose. And since a new WordPress day begins in just under two hours—most likely to accommodate our international friends—a new and hopefully more interesting post will be heading your way soon.

Unless, of course, life gets in the way again. And we all know that’s apt to happen at any time.

Today is a testament to that.

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  1. This post rings true for me. One of the biggest difficulties I have with my blog, aside from having nearly nothing interesting to say, is time. So this post just goes to show I’m not the only one . Cheers.

    • No you’re not, Dave. And I know you’re more interesting than you think since I also struggle with this kind of self-criticism. In fact, that’s why I constantly pressure myself to blog daily. I know people would forgive me if I missed a day, but I probably wouldn’t forgive myself (hence my last post). We’re bloggers, my friend. And that means the challenges you face are shared by us all. Please know that I am always here to help or support you, so don’t hesitate to ask any time. And thanks for reading and commenting, too!

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for the kind words. Reading your comments actually helped. I’ve been following (and enjoying) your blog for a while now, and to have a blogger of such quality show faith and offer support is inspiring! Although you may live to regret your offer! Keep the Goodness Coming!

    • I definitely won’t live to regret anything, Dave, so take me up on that offer anytime. And thank you for all the kind words and for being such a devoted reader. I really appreciate it… more than you know, my friend.

      Happy blogging to you!

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