Legal or Illegal? Choose.

SPARC pot dispensary

The selection at Sparc in San Francisco (courtesy of Fast Company)

Is it just me or is anyone else confused and annoyed by all the marijuana legalization bullshit in this country?

We all know marijuana is illegal, at least in federal terms. But things are much different on the state level. At last count, 18 states had legalized marijuana for medical use. And two others—Washington and Colorado—legalized pot for recreational use.

Obviously, more Americans seem to support marijuana legalization in one form or another. Current data from the Pew Research Center actually supports this, as the following chart shows:

4-4-13 #1

In 44 years, Americans who support legalization rose from a meager 12% in 1969 to 52% this year. And I suspect this support will continue to grow faster than weed farmers can cultivate the plants needed to support this booming industry.

Of course, the people needed to maintain “legal” marijuana businesses in these progressive states are under fire from the federal government and could lose everything at any time. This makes running a medical marijuana dispensary or some other weed-based business a risky venture.

Riskier still if you consider that banks won’t give loans to business owners they deem “sketchy.” And marijuana entrepreneurs certainly qualify, at least where this stigma is concerned.

Heaven forbid someone get credit for being a shrewd businessperson despite selling a substance that most Americans find rather harmless.

But I digress.

Personally, I don’t care which way this issue goes as long as it gets resolved soon. All this back and forth, legal and illegal crap must end. And I think I have the solution.

Remember when the politicians we elected to represent us in Washington went against the wishes of the people and rejected universal background checks for gun purchases? When representing constituents became serving special interests?

Hasn’t this gone on long enough? (courtesy of The LA Times)

If we can convince these “elected officials” to actually do their jobs, then the logical solution would simply be to represent the people, which means representing the majority of the people.

Isn’t that how we have always done things?

Think about it this way: If a national poll revealed that 95% of Americans felt the death penalty should be abolished, wouldn’t the chances of this actually happening shoot way up?

Of course they would. And why should marijuana legalization be any different?

No, 52% support is not the same as 95%, so I understand the decision can’t be as automatic. However, allowing people to grow, sell and smoke pot in some states—then turning around and busting them for doing what their states deem legal—is just stupid.

Either marijuana is legal or it isn’t. You can’t have your pot-laced cake and eat it too, people. Choose and put an end to all this speculation once and for all, would you?

We have more important things to deal with, of that you can be sure.

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