Hairy Hatchet Man Busted

Kai, what were you thinking? (courtesy of Lost Coast Outpost)

Once upon a time, Caleb Lawrence McGilvary was a hero—a Good Samaritan with crazy hair and an even crazier personality.

This past February, Caleb—known only as “Kai” at the time—found himself in a car with Jett Simmons McBride, a man who claimed to be Jesus sent down from Heaven to save the world. Unfortunately, his methods were rather twisted.

In Fresno, at the Pacific Gas and Electric company, McBride drove his car into an employee and then attacked a woman who came to help the injured utility worker. And that’s when Caleb saw his opening.

Using a hatchet as his weapon of choice, Caleb clubbed McBride repeatedly, foiled the attack and saved the day. The interview he later gave to a local news crew even went viral and before he knew it, Caleb was an Internet sensation.

He was “Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker.” Hell, he even appeared in a cameo on Jimmy Kimmel Live—check it out right here.

Alas, true stardom would elude Caleb because this past Thursday, he was arrested at a Philadelphia bus station in connection with the murder of a prominent New Jersey lawyer, Joseph Galfy.

Kai defends himself in court (courtesy of ABC News)

Rumor has it that Caleb and Galfy were lovers and spent last weekend together at Galfy’s home in Clark, New Jersey. Actually, police recovered text messages between the guys that said things like “I’ll be there at this time” and “come pick me up,” so it likely isn’t rumor at all. There were even some clues on Facebook, though nothing specific has been released yet.

Police know that Caleb and Galfy were together last Sunday night—and Galfy’s semi-nude and ultra-dead body was found Monday morning—so the dots certainly connect.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how quickly you can go from hero to villain in this crazy world of ours. Of course, this transformation is easier for people already “left of center,” if you know what I mean.

If not, then just ask Caleb. If he’s not left of center—far, far left of center—then I don’t know who is!

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  1. He didn’r mean to kill him, he just wanted to ax him something…; )

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