The Sexiest “Lady” Killers

Watch your backs, ladies and gentlemen! Beauty can be deadly! (courtesy of Bikini Knife Fight/Facebook)

The first time I saw Jodi Arias she was in the courtroom and on trial for murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Her hair was brown, her expression was blank and honestly, she seemed kind of mousy. Nevertheless—and due to the dramatic nature of this high-profile case—I started writing about the trial and searching for pictures of Arias to include with each blog post.

That’s when it suddenly occurred to me: Jodi Arias was once pretty cute. That may sound sexist and superficial, but she’s a bloodthirsty, vicious, crazy-as-hell, cold-hearted killer. Sue me.

I started thinking about how shocked people were to see a beautiful young woman like Arias convicted of something so evil and heartless. No one saw it coming—least of all Travis—and that is due in large part to the perception of beauty in American society.

Sorry if it sounds like I’m writing a journal article or something. Bear with me.

In America, we love and revere the beautiful people. Whether they are celebrities, sports heroes, politicians, band members, physicians… whatever… the prettier they are, the more we embrace them. And the more likely we are to believe that they can do no harm.

Think again.

Jodi Arias—even in her mousy, vulnerable and nearly-condemned-to-death state—is proof that sometimes, the beautiful package holds something dark and disturbed within. And I admit. I’m a sucker for a beautiful woman, as I suspect most heterosexual men are. But just because a woman is beautiful, sexy or appealing doesn’t mean she isn’t bat-shit crazy and capable of hacking you to pieces while you sleep.

The cautionary tales involving luscious bombshells and drop-dead gorgeous ladies are many, but here are some of the more notable ones. They all involve “The Big M”—murder—in one form or another. Some were convicted while others escaped imprisonment despite being guilty as hell. In every case, though, it’s the ladies that prove when it comes to homicide, nobody does it better than the femme fatales. 

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  1. There is no way I don’t have nightmares about this tonight…

  2. Is it just me? But I smell a new Time/Life series in the making….

  3. Update on Amber Hilberling…. she hanged herself in prison because they cancelled one of her scheduled visits with her baby which she had while awaiting trial. Now her son doesn’t have either parent. Of course her mother swears there was a conspiracy and she was actually murdered in prison. Unfortunately she was as crazy as she was sexy.

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