The Camel’s Toe

Enter at your own risk! (

Enter at your own risk! (

Camels get a bad rap.

Despite being one of the most reliable forms of transportation and most effective pack animals since ancient times—not to mention creatures capable of surviving in some of the harshest climates—they still have only two claims to fame in the modern world: Joe Camel—the infamous mascot for Camel cigarettes banned for being too attractive to kids—and the subject I chose to write about today, the even more infamous camel toe.

Camels get no respect (

Camels get no respect (

For those of you unfamiliar with the term—and I have no idea how you could be, regardless of whether you’re male or female—a camel toe is a slang term referring to the outline of a woman’s private area—which is basically a nice way of saying vagina—as seen through tight-fitting clothing.

It’s also a digit on the foot of a camel, but writing about that wouldn’t be interesting enough to sustain my current readership. Just to be fair to dromedaries everywhere, though, here are a few shots of real camel toes for your viewing pleasure.

Dromedary, F-1 Hybrid & Wild Bactrian Camel toes (See Jane Run/Flickr/Kazuhisa OTSUBO)

Dromedary, F-1 Hybrid & Wild Bactrian Camel toes (See Jane Run/Flickr/Kazuhisa OTSUBO)

Now that we have that out of the way, the time has come to move into the real meat of this post, in a manner of speaking. The following gallery includes a number of photographs of camel toes—some bad but most very, very good (at least to a heterosexual male like me)—as well as some male camel toes, better known as moose knuckles for obvious reasons. Please know that none of these images is intended to be offensive in any way. It’s just tough to broach a subject like camel toes without including pictures that illustrate how lovely or frightening they can be.

So without further ado, welcome to the Gnostic Bent photo-survey of all things camel toe. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I was putting it together!


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  1. Ok… I’m confused here, camel toe, good or bad for guys to look? What do you think?

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