The Pursuit of Happiness Ends

The Pursuit of Happiness (courtesy of WBAI)

The Pursuit of Happiness (courtesy of WBAI)

John Littig—a life coach, workshop facilitator and motivational speaker—and his common-law wife Lynne Rosen—a psychotherapist, speaker, consultant and life coach in her own right—hosted a radio show on WBAI 99.5 FM in New York called “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

The show focused on “personal development, growth and creativity” and aired every other Thursday afternoon. The couple also ran a business called Why Not Now that—according to their now inactive website—offered “life coaching designed to help foster and encourage your inner strengths, identify hidden and untapped resources, and put you confidently on the path to designing the life you’ve always wanted to live.”

Basically, Littig and Rosen liked helping people. The ironic thing is that for all their efforts and good advice, nothing could save them from themselves.

The manager of their Brooklyn apartment building, 51-year-old Hasan Boztepe, discovered their lifeless bodies last Monday morning after noticing a strong, foul odor coming from their unit.

John Littig and Lynne Rosen give advice on their The Pursuit of Happiness radio show

Littig and Rosen on the air (courtesy of YouTube)

The couple was seated on the couch, holding hands and wearing plastic bags over their heads. A tube attached to a canister of helium ran into each bag and nearby were two notes, one written by each of the victims. When he was asked later what the notes said, Boztepe could recall only one line from Littig’s final writing assignment: “I can’t take it anymore. My wife is in too much pain.”

“I was shocked,” the apartment manager told reporters. “I am still in shock. I feel so bad for these people.”

What caused two radio hosts who prided themselves on bettering the lives of their listeners to suddenly end their own—together, nonetheless—remains to be seen. Perhaps a clue can be found in a comment Littig made on one of his recent shows, a comment that now takes on a much darker meaning.

“So much of life is about impulse, it’s about doing it right now,” he told his listeners. “Go with your gut. Imagination is more important than knowledge.”


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  1. That’s life coaching????

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