Meet Aneta Kowal

Beautiful and smart: A deadly combination (courtesy of Aneta Kowal)

Beautiful and smart: A deadly combination (courtesy of Aneta Kowal)

Every month, the people at Playboy—that wonderful gentlemen’s magazine with naked women (as well as good articles, or so I’ve heard)—sponsor an online contest for models interested in building their professional portfolios: Playboy Miss Social.

Forgive me if I avoid the PMS abbreviation in this post, but it should be obvious why.

On the website—which you can find HERE—Playboy Miss Social is described like this—and please note that I pulled some information together so no one would have to go searching for it:

A monthly non-nude social media competition; contestants compete against one another through daily and weekly Challenges that exist on this site and across various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Contestants earn votes by winning challenges and are also awarded votes by Judges throughout the month; competition starts the first day of the month and runs through the last day; the first 3 weeks are the Open Round while only 12 contestants advance to the head-to-head, tournament-style finals; prizes are given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place contestants—1st place wins a trip to Playboy’s L.A. studios for a photo shoot with a Playboy photographer, a tour of the Playboy mansion, the title of Miss Social for that month and the opportunity to be part of the Playboy family.

Aneta can take your breath away (courtesy of Aneta Kowal)

Aneta can take your breath away (courtesy of Aneta Kowal)

Anyone can be a Judge—all you have to do is register for free and start perusing the site. The more you interact with the features you find there, the more votes you earn and can then bestow upon your favorite models. Votes are also available for purchase—if you’re someone with money to burn, I suppose—but I certainly don’t qualify. And honestly, free votes are just fine with me because I also get access to pictures of beautiful women. Lots of beautiful women. Believe me.

To be eligible as Contestants, interested ladies who are 18 years or older and have never appeared in a Playboy publication—or online affiliates, for that matter—simply have to register, post some pictures and a little background information, and start marketing themselves through social media. And if they fall short one month, they always have the next month to look forward to, which means the loveliness just keeps on coming.

Of course, one of the most beautiful contestants on the Playboy Miss Social site also happens to be an online buddy of mine: Aneta Kowal. Check out her official blurb, which appears nearly everywhere that she appears on the web, but most notably on her own website,

Aneta Kowal is rapidly becoming one of Metro Detroit’s most renowned models. She attributes her rising success to her relentless work ethic, professionalism, spunky personality, and unique appearance. Whether it is lingerie, swimsuit, glamour, fashion, club wear or beauty, she can deliver some jaw-dropping and captivating photographs.

If you doubt this last part, just look at some of the photos included here. And trust me when I say this is only the tip of the iceberg. Aneta has sexy pictures all over the place, but I leave it to you to check them out—preferably by visiting Miss Social and tossing some votes her way.

Sexy as hell (courtesy of Aneta Kowal/Nino Batista)

Sexy as hell (courtesy of Aneta Kowal/Nino Batista)

What I love most about Aneta—and what makes her so different from other models I’ve met—is that physical beauty is only part of who she is. Aneta is also a very intelligent, caring and thoughtful person, which you definitely can’t discover from a mere photograph. That’s why I decided to write this post about her: to show that in Aneta’s case, beauty is not skin deep; she is equally beautiful on the inside.

And even though this will sound like complete horse poo-poo coming from a hot-blooded, heterosexual guy like me, there’s something else that impresses me about Aneta: her unwillingness to pose nude. Don’t get me wrong. I love naked ladies as much as the next guy and would be lying if I said I wouldn’t enjoy some nude pictures of her. However, there is nothing wrong with leaving something to the imagination. And face it: once you’ve seen several thousand pictures of nude women—as many guys have, whether they admit it or not—enjoying some non-nude photos is a nice change of pace, especially when the subject is someone as drop-dead gorgeous as Aneta!

Incidentally, Aneta also responds to fans herself, choosing not to rely on some assistant or media specialist to handle it for her. This means when you get a message from Aneta on Facebook or a response to some question you tweeted during one of her frequent Twitter chats, you can bet that you’re dealing with The Real McCoy. Something else I love about her.

Hot isn't strong enough of a word for Aneta (courtesy of Hooters/Aneta Kowal)

Hot isn’t strong enough of a word for Aneta (courtesy of Hooters/Aneta Kowal)

Now given her refusal to pose in the buff—which would undoubtedly get her into Hef’s delightful publication—the odds of Aneta ending up as a centerfold in Playboy are relatively non-existent—unless the magazine suddenly features clothed women or Aneta has a serious change of heart. And I’m not sure either is very likely.

As I mentioned before, I respect Aneta’s decision to remain at least partially clothed during her photo shoots, but knowing she will never be a centerfold saddens me a little, too. When I was a young man, my friends and I would steal Playboys from our fathers—those foolish enough to keep copies in the house, that is—and take them deep into the woods to examine and enjoy. Centerfolds were always my favorite because they not only featured a breathtaking model—free from the bonds of clothing and nestled in some simulated yet comfortable scene—but also had some information about each woman on the back. Things like their turn-ons, favorite vacation spots, dream celebrity dates, hobbies, interests… all sorts of stuff.

Again, you may think I’m full of shit, but I assure you that I’m serious, and I’ll tell you why: the details about each centerfold model meant they were real and, theoretically, attainable. Every word could have been fictitious—the ramblings of some hack staff writer—but I didn’t care. To me at that transformative age, they were goddesses. And if I played my cards right, perhaps someday I could be with one of them.

Bear in mind I was very young—maybe 10 or 11 at the time—so Playboy brought with it a sense of wonderment and joy that faded later in life. But I still remember the way those amazing and interesting women made me feel. And that’s precisely the feeling I get when I see Aneta. She may not get her centerfold, but damn it, I can make sure people know a little more about her. So my gift to Aneta—my centerfold without a centerfold—is a back-page profile to go with her gorgeous front.

Meet Aneta Kowal.

Orange is definitely her color! (courtesy of Aneta Kowal)

Orange is definitely her color! (courtesy of Aneta Kowal)

Age: 21

Location:Detroit, Michigan

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 100 pounds

Measurements: 32-24-34 (bust-waist-hips)

Ethnicity: Eastern European (Polish)

Languages spoken: English, Polish and German

Five things she could never do without: Sex, her phone, food, television and her kittens

Turn-ons: Beards, spontaneity and a sense of humor

Turn-offs: Arrogance, selfishness and jealousy

Dream date: Hop on a flight to a tropical island

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Favorite body parts: Her eyes, but she gets a lot of compliments on her boobs

Underwear preference: Commando

If you could be a super hero, who would it be? Iron Man

Rating for sexual performance on a 10-point scale? 12.5

Describe your personality: Provocative and intelligent

Hobbies: Baking, dancing, spending time with her cats (Squirmy and Bow Tie)

What do you drive? A Jeep

Current career: Modeling, working for Hooters (training as a bartender) and studying biology in school

Future career goal: Ophthalmology (eye surgery)

Celebrities you would most like to meet? Katy Perry and Bradley Cooper

Favorite vacation spot? Bora Bora

Achievements: Miss Hooters Detroit 2012, Miss January in 2013 Hooters Girl Calendar

Grab your 2013 calendar today! (courtesy of Aneta Kowal)

Grab your 2013 calendar today! (courtesy of Aneta Kowal)

If you would like to connect with Aneta, feel free to check her out on any of these sites:

Aneta also has an incredible 2013 calendar—check out the little preview on the left—which is available for purchase HERE. And trust me when I tell you it is worth the tiny investment.

So there you have her: my pal and a beauty to behold, the lovely Aneta Kowal. She truly is an amazing person and I hope you’ll consider visiting her profile on Playboy Miss Social, registering as a Judge and voting for her. The June contest is coming to an end, but with your help, this could be the month Aneta reaches the winner’s circle!

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