The Heat is On!

The champs for two years running! (courtesy of Getty Images)

Congratulations to the NBA champion Miami Heat!

On the shoulders of marquee players like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, the Heat outlasted the San Antonio Spurs by a score of 95-88 in game 7 of this year’s NBA Championship. Not only that, but this is their second consecutive championship, which means every team in the league will be trying to “beat the Heat” next year.

Otherwise, a third championship could be heading to Florida because right now, these guys are undoubtedly the strongest unit in the game.

In last night’s battle—and following a back-and-forth exchange of wins and losses between these powerhouse teams since the finals began—LeBron was on fire, hitting 12-of-23 shots from the field, tallying up 37 points—which included five three-pointers—knocking down all of his free throws and contributing 4 assists and 12 rebounds.

Dwayne Wade was a perfect complement to LeBron as he posted 23 points, 10 rebounds and 6-of-12 baskets from mid-range. The Spurs obviously wanted to challenge Wade to score from this area and in true Heat fashion, he did just that.

LeBron led the charge (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Another stand-out was former Duke superstar Shane Battier, a man I used to pull against regularly—I prefer other ACC teams like UNC, Wake Forest and NC State—but always respected him, whether I liked it or not. Few players can drain the basket from the three-point line like Shane, and last night was no exception. He came off the bench to hit 6-of-8 threes and helped his team maintain their lead as they marched towards victory.

Battier later claimed that “it’s better to be timely than good,” but we all know the truth. He is good and last night, his timing couldn’t have been better.

Normally, I don’t follow NBA basketball and prefer to watch college players, who seem to have more heart. But I can say this: last night’s heart belonged to the Miami Heat. And if they somehow manage to hold their team together—meaning LeBron doesn’t do what he did to the people of Cleveland by leaving suddenly via free agency—there is no limit to what these guys can achieve.

Hell, I would go so far as to predict a third Heat championship next season if millions of other people weren’t doing the same right now. It certainly seems like a safe bet.

Way to go, Heat!

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