What Happened, Hernandez?

Aaron Hernandez was arrested at his North Attleborough home Wednesday morning.

Hernandez’s arms were removed for safety reasons. I’m kidding! (courtesy of George Rizer/Boston Globe)

It appears that New England Patriots‘ tight end Rob Gronkowski will be getting extra playing time after all. His teammate and half of the deadliest tight end combo in NFL footballAaron Hernandez—has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death of Odin Lloyd.

Sadly, my suspicions about the talented player were correct. He was involved in this heinous crime and could now be facing life behind bars.

Last week, a jogger in an industrial park near Hernandez‘s home happened upon Lloyd’s bullet-ridden body, launching an investigation that immediately focused on the NFL superstar.

For some background, check out “Patriots Player in Trouble” by going HERE.

Based on the latest reports, the evidence against Hernandez is mounting and includes: a wallet and keys to a car Aaron rented, which were found at the scene; the fact that Hernandez and Lloyd were seen leaving his house in a silver Nissan Altima around 2:30 the morning Lloyd died; surveillance cameras in the industrial park that show a car fitting that description coming to-and-from the remote area where Lloyd’s body was found; footage from Hernandez’s security system—which he tried to destroy, by the way—showing he and two strangers returning to his home later that morning (Hernandez is even carrying a firearm); and so on, and so forth.

The defense would have us believe that the identity of the two accomplices is extremely important, but I disagree. Although no murder weapon has been found, it seems obvious that Hernandez was at least involved in this execution-style killing. And for that he should remain incarcerated, which it seems he will for a long, long time.

Is it possible he isn’t taking this seriously? (courtesy of Reuters)

To add insult to injury, the Patriots also released Hernandez and dropped him from their roster, issuing an official statement a short time later: “Words cannot express the disappointment we feel knowing that one of our players was arrested as a result of this investigation.”

This comes only a year after the team signed Hernandez to a five-year contract worth a whopping $40 million. That’s a far cry from the $1 to $1.50 he’ll earn per hour working in prison. And that’s only if he gets one of the choice jobs. More meager work assignments may earn him only fifty cents an hour.

Can you say career suicide? Because that is exactly what Aaron Hernandez committed… in addition to murder, of course. What a waste…

UPDATE (1:00 p.m. EST): Things continue to get worse for Aaron Hernandez. According to the latest reports, he is also being investigated in connection with a 2012 double homicide in Boston . I also heard that his tattoos are being inspected to determine if he has any gang affiliations. Holy cow…

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