Pop-Up Post: Counts for Castro in Cleveland

Castro and the house where he kept his victims prisoner (courtesy of AP)

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity for alliteration in the title.

The situation for the man charged with abducting three young women in Cleveland a decade ago, holding them captive in his home, abusing them, spawning a child with one of them and forcing them to have homemade abortions just got even worse.

Last month, Ariel Castro was indicted on 329 counts of everything ranging from rape and kidnapping to felonious assault and child endangerment, among others. Unfortunately for him, this only covered the first four years of Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry’s captivity.

On Friday, a grand jury made up for the remaining years in a new indictment that added a whopping 648 counts to his record. Castro’s arraignment is scheduled for July 17th.

Here’s how the charges against Castro stack up—and please note that the numbers represent counts against him. I don’t see the need in typing the word “counts” over and over again:

  • Kidnapping – 512
  • Rape – 446
  • Gross sexual imposition – 7
  • Felonious assault – 6
  • Child endangerment – 3
  • Possessing criminal tools – 1

I guess that rules out parole, probation or a reduction of his sentence for good behavior, huh? And since he will be going away for the rest of his natural life—unless the state elects to take that from him—I have but one thing to say to Ariel Castro.

Good bye.

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