IPhone 5 Users Beware!

Chargers can kill, so watch out! (courtesy of App Advice)

According to a number of news sources—including Xinhua, the state-run news agency in China—a flight attendant aboard a China South Airlines flight last Thursday was shocked and killed by her iPhone 5. Police are currently investigating her death and Apple has vowed to cooperate fully with authorities.

23-year-old Ma Ailun—who bought her new iPhone 5 in December from one of Apple’s official stores—was charging it and picked it up to make a call when the phone produced a shock strong enough to drop her to the floor. She was pronounced dead a short time later and, in the opinion of her father, had clear signs of electrocution on her body. And if her death wasn’t bad enough, Ailun was also preparing to marry. What a heartbreaking turn of events.

On average—and according to a number of experts—cellular phones output between 3-4 volts of electricity, far less than would be necessary to cause someone bodily harm. It takes at least 35 or more volts for someone to really feel a shock.

However, if there were some problem with the phone, the charger or even the electrical system in the plane, it would be possible for a whopping 220 volts to surge through the phone. And yes, that would be more than enough to kill someone.

At this point, no one knows exactly what killed Ma Ailun, but one thing is certain: under no circumstances should anyone with a cell phone try to use it while it is charging. Chalk this up as “better safe than sorry” and, by all means, do not take any unnecessary chances.

After all, whoever tries to call while your phone is charging can surely be reached once the power cord is disconnected. At least this way the only shocking thing will be what they have to say… and regardless of the news, at least you will be alive to hear it!

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