Bewildered in the Wilderness

Twelve days in the wilderness. Could you survive? (Fort McMurray Today)

Twelve days in the wilderness. Could you survive? (Fort McMurray Today)

Stephanie Beaverbones is lucky to be alive.

On July 14th, the 25-year-old Canadian was driving through O’Chiese First Nation Reserve in Alberta with friends when their car broke down. Three people went to get help, but Beaverbones was left behind with a man she hardly knew—36-year-old Kevin Roy Gladue.

The pair waited for their friends to return but when no one did, they decided to start walking. And that’s when Gladue suddenly turned on her. He allegedly punched her in the face and attempted to rape her. Hurt and disoriented, she stumbled into the woods and eventually lost her attacker, but that was only part of the problem. The other part was that in her weakened and confused state, she too found herself lost… and this was just the beginning.

“She fled into the bush as a result of the altercation and became lost,” RCMP Cpl. Nick Munro told reporters. “She did get quite a severe blow to the head. She got lost and was just kind of wandering, trying to find her way out.”

Stephanie Beaverbones (RCMP)

Stephanie Beaverbones (RCMP)

And Beaverbones kept wandering for twelve days, sustaining herself with wild berries and river water. She had cuts and abrasions all over her body, a mild concussion and her jaw was broken, yet somehow she managed to survive. An oil worker spotted her walking down a dirt road nearly two weeks after she was reported missing and finally, her ordeal came to an end. First responders rushed her to the hospital and according to the latest reports, she appears to be fine.

“She survived on her own despite being badly injured and is now recovering amongst family and friends,” a press release said recently. And her attacker has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault, sexual assault and obstructing a peace officer. He will have his day in court soon enough.

I tell you what. Stephanie Beaverbones is one tough cookie. She survived sexual assault and then survived the elements, twelve days of hell and still she made it through. I hate what happened to her—which no one should ever have to experience—but commend her on showing us just how strong the human spirit can be.

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  1. What an amazing story and one of fortitude… I hope they lock him up with desperate men for a long time.

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