Beauty for the Birds

Facials with feces? (Daily Glow)

Skin care is an important issue for many, especially in societies where outward beauty is emphasized—the United States being at the top of that list. And to keep their skin young and beautiful, some people spare no expense and go to extremes most of us would never even consider.

If you are one of these people and either live in New York City or plan to visit soon, then you may want to swing by Shizuka Day Spa for their specialty: the Geisha Facial.

Geishas have been around for centuries and the tradition continues even today. For those of you unfamiliar with them, geishas are female entertainers and companions known for their refinement, education, conversational skills and, of course, their beauty. And they are easy to spot with their elaborate hairstyles, traditional garb and thick white makeup.

Enter the Geisha Facial—an effective way of removing makeup, dirt and oil from your face and leaving you with a clean, glowing complexion. Of course, there is one special ingredient that sets this facial apart from others, and it’s something you likely would never consider rubbing all over your face.

Bird poop.

You read that right, I’m afraid. At the Shizuka Day Spa, they add bird droppings to their Geisha Facial treatment since—believe it or not—that’s what geishas used to do, too.

Apparently, the seeds ingested by birds—in this case nightingales—give their feces an exfoliating quality. After being sterilized with ultraviolet light, the droppings are combined with rice bran and water to form a cleanser that is then applied to the customer’s face. The enzymes in the feces tingle when the mixture is applied, but supposedly brighten the skin and cause the “glow” for which most skin care lovers strive.

I see at least 100 facials here (Dr. Heckle)

Of course, customers have to accept the fact that dookie will be smeared on their faces and that to experience this, they first have to shell out almost $200—two facts that obviously don’t appeal to everyone.

Ewww,” one woman said when asked if she would be willing to try a Geisha Facial. “I don’t think I want to try that. That’s kind of scary.”

According to Olivea Shure of Shizuka, however, nearly 50 people each month visit for a Geisha Facial. Some even return for a second treatment later!

Sadly, I live in North Carolina and we simply aren’t trendy enough to offer Geisha Facials down here. However, anyone in the area who might be interested in something like this should drop me a line. Since there is always bird poop on my car in the mornings, I’m sure I can find some to rub on your face… and for a much lower price, too.

Hell, I might even be willing to pay you for the opportunity!

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