Whitey Goes Down

Jack channels Whitey in “The Departed” (Warner Bros.)

Comeuppance (n.): A punishment or retribution that one deserves; one’s just desserts. –TheFreeDictionary.com

To say that James “Whitey” Bulger finally got his comeuppance might be putting it lightly.

The notorious leader of Boston’s Irish mob for more than two decades, Bulger had been on-the-run for 16 years when he was finally apprehended in 2011 and indicted on federal racketeering charges. He was living “the high life” in Santa Monica, California with his girlfriend under the pseudonyms Charlie and Carol Gasko. At the time of his arrest, authorities found dozens of guns and more than $800,000 stashed in his home.

Not bad for a tough-talking, bloodthirsty gangster from south Boston, huh?

By the time Bulger went to trial, he stood accused of charges ranging from racketeering and extortion to drug trafficking and murder—19 counts, to be exact. And for weeks, witnesses testified to Bulger’s involvement in every gangster-related crime imaginable. There were gruesome stories that sickened jurors, smirks and guffaws from Whitey and even a witness found dead before he could testify against his former boss—Stephen Rakes was poisoned with cyanide, but his murder was determined to be unrelated to Bulger’s case.

It still seems a little fishy if you ask me, though.

Whitey Bulger visits The Rock (PinIt)

Fortunately for the families of the victims—as if anything could really be fortunate after losing loved ones—the jury convicted Bulger on Monday of 31 of 32 counts—including that federal racketeering charge and involvement in 11 of the 19 murders. The government failed to convince the jury of Bulger’s guilt in seven murders and the evidence in an eighth murder was inconclusive. Nevertheless, the racketeering charge alone could result in a life sentence when Whitey returns to court in November… not that it matters so much at 83 years old.

One way or another, Bulger will spend his final days in prison.

Whitey Bulger killed a lot of people and likely had a lot of people killed. He was vicious and mean—just like the Jack Nicholson character he inspired in the 2006 film The Departed—and though today’s conviction will not make up for the lives he took, it will at least ensure that he can take no more.

And when Whitey eventually passes—most likely in the not-too-distant-future—I hope he remembers to take sunscreen with him because it is going to be toasty in Hell!

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