Pop-Up Post: Life and Death

Michael and Kendra in happier times (Facebook)

Michael and Kendra in happier times (Facebook)

I just heard a really sad story that shows just how fragile life can be—and how for each death there is also new life. It happened in Texas and involved 32-year-old Michael Carl Nobles.

Michael and his wife Kendra rushed to Willowbrook Methodist Hospital in Houston on Sunday afternoon after she went into labor. Everything went well and a short time later, she gave birth to a healthy child.

Unfortunately, that’s also when things took a turn for the worst.

Within an hour or two of bringing new life into the world, the young couple could be heard arguing inside Kendra’s maternity room. Suddenly, there was a gunshot.

Somehow Michael had smuggled a .380 pistol into the hospital and used it to commit suicide in front of his recovering wife. Thankfully, their child was not in the room at the time.

Family members told authorities that Michael had seemed distressed recently, but none of them suspected he would be capable of something like this. And now the poor child whose life just began will have no father to help guide the way.


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