Child Rapist Gets Month-Long Sentence

Rambold got only a slap on the wrist for child rape (Billings Police Department)

Unfortunately, the title of this article is accurate, much to my chagrin.

In 2008, Stacey Dean Rambold was a teacher at Billings Senior High School in Montana. He was accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student—something her mother, Auliea Hanlon, described as “pre-sexual grooming” of her daughter—and resigned from the school. Later that same year, Rambold was charged with three counts of sexual intercourse without consent.

Sadly, the trauma he inflicted on his young victim was too much for her to bear. She ended up taking her own life on February 6, 2010, a few weeks shy of her 17th birthday. Hanlon immediately filed a complaint, which included this statement:

“As a result of the sexual assault and its aftermath, (the teen) experienced severe emotional distress, humiliation and embarrassment and fell into irreversible depression that tragically led to her taking her own life.”

I think we can all agree that this was likely the case. Unfortunately, though, not everyone viewed this situation the same way.

Following the young girl’s suicide, prosecutors entered into a “deferred prosecution agreement” with Rambold. Basically, all the charges against him would be dropped if he agreed to complete a program for sex offenders and met several other requirements.

One of them involved having no contact with children.

As you might imagine, Rambold didn’t hold up his end of the bargain and had contact with children, primarily his young nieces and nephews. He also hooked up with several women, but never disclosed this information to his counselors, as he was required to do. As a result, the deal was dropped and his case was reactivated last year.

This past Monday, Rambold finally had his hearing and the prosecution hoped to send him to prison for at least 20 years or more. The defense, of course, argued that their client had suffered enough. He lost his job, his marriage collapsed and now he had to deal with the stigma of being labelled as a sex offender.

Montana teen Cherice Morales committed suicide following a sexual relationship with her teacher.

Rambold’s young victim, now deceased (Auliea Hanlon/Facebook)

That’s a small price to pay when you consider his victim killed herself, if you ask me. The judge in this case—the “honorable” G. Todd Baugh—disagreed and instead claimed the young girl “seemed older than her chronological age.”

Despite Rambold admitting to at least one rape, Baugh sentenced him to 15 years in prison, but suspended all but 31 days. He even credited Rambold for a day he spent in jail and dropped his sentence to 30 days.

One month behind bars for raping a 14-year-old girl and driving her to suicide! What in the hell is going on?!!

Needless to say, Hanlon was not pleased with the sentence and expressed her anger and disappointment in court, yelling “you people suck” before releasing the following statement through her attorney:

“She wasn’t even old enough to get a driver’s license. But Judge Baugh, who never met our daughter, justified the paltry sentence saying she was older than her chronological age. I guess somehow it makes a rape more acceptable if you blame the victim, even if she was only 14.”

Baugh stood by his ruling and even claimed that Rambold posed no threat of committing a sexual offense again, which I can’t understand at all. If you ask me, someone driven to rape a child will always be capable of trying again and again and again. It’s a sickness, and not one that is easy—or even possible—to cure.

This whole situation outrages me as much as it does you, at least I hope it does. The good news is that Hanlon and the Montana Organization of Women aren’t lying down and accepting this horrible failure of our justice system. They have started a petition to try to correct this mistake, so please consider joining them by going HERE.

If our system of justice can’t get this right, then perhaps our citizens can!

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