Kidnapper Kills Himself

Castro, his cell and his victims (Associated Press)

Ariel Castro is dead.

The Cleveland man convicted of kidnapping Michelle Knight, Georgina DeJesus and Amanda Berry, holding them prisoner and abusing them for more than a decade was found dead in his prison cell on Tuesday evening. He used a bed sheet to hang himself.

Oddly enough, guards were supposed to check on Castro every 30 minutes at staggered intervals—he was being held in protective custody, after all—but even this didn’t prevent him from taking his own life.

Some of Castro’s family members were not very happy about this, of course. And hearing about their relative’s suicide in the media before being officially notified by prison officials certainly didn’t help—the warden only contacted Castro’s brother-in-law with the news.

Last month, Castro pleaded guilty to 937 counts that included murder, kidnapping, rape and assault. He was subsequently sentenced to life plus 1,000 years, which is just another way of saying he would never leave prison alive.

Mission accomplished, I suppose. And though I would never celebrate the death of another human being—even one as evil as Ariel Castro—I hope his suicide finally brings some closure to his victims and, more importantly, this story.

How I long for the days when the only Castro mentioned in the news was the cigar-smoking Cuban dictator…

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  1. Frankly, he knew he was in for it in prison. Even criminals hate child molesters and most of all, traitors/terrorists.

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