Proof in the Pictures

The August 21 attack in Syria may have included Saran gas (Hassan Ammar/Associated Press)

The August 21 attack in Syria may have included Saran gas (Hassan Ammar/Associated Press)

Behind closed doors, the Obama administration recently showed a select group of senators 13 different videos that depict the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria last month.

They are trying to make a case for limited military intervention against the suspected perpetrators of this deadly attack—President Bashar al-Assad and his regime—but first need approval from the House and the Senate.

CNN and other news agencies obtained a number of these videos, some of which have been available on the Internet for weeks, but these particular videos were deemed authentic by members of the intelligence community.

In other words, they’re legit… not to mention incredibly sad and disturbing.

The videos are gruesome, so I won't print them here (AP)

The videos are too gruesome for inclusion here (AP)

The videos show Syrian civilians—many of them children—convulsing on the ground, foaming at the mouth and basically making a beeline for death. To me, they clearly prove that a chemical weapon was used. And though I know little about Saran gas, some authorities have confirmed that the people in these videos show clear symptoms of exposure to this horrible weapon.

There is no doubt that chemical weapons were used against innocent civilians last month, but these videos prove nothing about who actually unleashed them. Fortunately, this is just a sliver of the evidence our government likely has. They already know who did and, in the coming weeks, I’m sure we will know, as well.

Get ready, soldiers. It looks like a trip to Syria could be in your not-too-distant future.

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