Jets-Pats Rumble After Game

The Patriots and Jets rumbled late on Thursday.

Not what you want to see at the end of a game (USATSI)

If you were unfortunate enough to watch last night’s NFL game between the New York Jets and New England Patriots, then sloppy, low-scoring football wasn’t the only downside of your evening.

Trailing 13-10 in the fourth quarter, rookie Jets’ quarterback Geno Smith was driving his team down the field—hoping to at least get into field goal range for a chance to tie things up—when one of his passes was intercepted by Aqib Talib.

This was actually Smith’s third interception of the quarter, but that’s to be expected when you start a rookie. I’m not sure Mark Sanchez would not have performed any better.

At any rate, Talib picked off Smith’s pass and essentially sealed an ugly win for the Patriots. As he was making his way down the sidelines, though—and just as he started out-of-bounds—Jets’ center Nick Mangold hit him late and low, impacting him around the knees.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

The late hit set off a rumble between the Jets and Patriots that ended with the ejection of two players: D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Willie Colon. Punishment in the form of fines is likely to follow, as well.

The late hit by Mangold that set everything off (Larry Brown Sports)

Watching a crappy game full of dropped passes, punts and sloppy play is bad enough. But ending your viewing experience with a vicious hit and a rumble fueled by poor sportsmanship makes a bad situation even worse.

Granted, I’m glad that two teams in the AFC seem to be struggling as much as my Steelers, especially since one of them is the Patriots, who frustrate me nearly every year. I just hate to see such bad behavior since, ultimately, these guys are getting paid to play a game.

In other words, stop acting like a bunch of jackasses and do what you’re paid to do… preferably without all the bullshit. I know that I don’t care to see it, so I can only imagine there are other fans who feel the same way.

And the last thing NFL players need is for their fans to flock to some other sport where athletes understand just how lucky they are to be doing something they love.

Soccer anyone?

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