Get Out of Blogging Free

Get out of blogging free card

Exercising those blogging rights (Emilienne Ireland)

Against my better judgment, I have decided to follow the example of fellow blogger Angry Brown Butch and to play one of my “Get Out of Blogging Free” cards.

Please know that this is not something I take very lightly. When you’re initiated into the blogosphere, you are allocated only so many of these Monopoly-themed cards, so you have to consider a number of factors before choosing to relinquish one of them.

My decision today should come as no surprise to those of you who read yesterday’s post, “The Return of Grand Theft Auto.” Yes, I admit it. I’m getting lazy today so I have an excuse to keep playing Grand Theft Auto Vand I’m certain I’m not the only one. I agree this is selfish of me—and I apologize to any readers I may have disappointed—but you have to understand that games like this come along once in a lifetime.

In the case of GTA V it’s more like once in five years, but you know what I mean.

To say that I’m obsessed with the game would be an overstatement, I’m afraid, because I simply haven’t logged enough playing time. A few hours on Friday and a few on Saturday are all I really have to show for it, aside from half an hour earlier today.

Back to Los Santos I go! (Rockstar Games)

But I tell you what: that half hour was enough to leave me wanting more. And that’s essentially why I’m “copping out” today—pun intended, of course (even though it’s kind of a stretch—Grand Theft Auto is a crime… criminals get chased by cops).


The important thing to remember is that it’s Sunday, a day for rest and relaxation just before the work week begins anew. NFL football is on television—thankfully all my teams suck so I don’t have as much riding on it this year—the weather is nice and all is right with the world.

And I have GTA V whirring in my PlayStation 3… calling to me… beckoning “play me, play me”…

I’ll catch up with you peeps tomorrow…

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