Mad Monday

Pot in the day care (Getty Images)

Pot in the day care (Getty Images)

Like many others who work a five-day work week, my least favorite day is Monday. Aside from signaling the beginning of a long, busy week, Monday also represents the end of another weekend. And if it was a good weekend—or even if it wasn’t—the last thing most of us want to do is wake up early and return to the office after relaxing for several days.

Unfortunately, working on Monday is a necessary evil for many of us. And in my experience, it’s never as bad as we imagine it will be as we’re watching the clock on Sunday night. Yes, there is always tons of work to be done, but at least Monday gets the proverbial ball rolling—and once it’s over, we are one step closer to the next relaxing weekend.

In terms of news, however, Monday is a virtual treasure trove of blog material. Most news sites ease off the gas a little on the weekends, but stories always come pouring in when the new work week arrives. And why should today be any different?

Normally, I would use this information for the next edition of the Reality Round-Up, but in the interest of time—which I seem to have less and less of with each passing day—here’s a quick look at some of the stories that caught my eye today. I’ll do my best to keep them brief for your more convenient reading pleasure.

The place for all your human hamburger needs (News-13 Orlando)

The place for all your human hamburger needs (News-13 Orlando)

Where’s the beef?

If you live in Orlando, Florida and frequent the La Primera Grocery on 39 S. Semoran Boulevard, then the answer to this question is both simple and disgusting: the beef is in the meat grinder.

This may not sound strange until you know that the meat grinder is where one store employee’s hand got stuck on Sunday. Fortunately, emergency workers were able to remove the grinder and managed to save all of her digits.

In other words, she should be able to sell ladyfingers to customers without grimacing in pain or reliving past trauma every time!

I Scream, You Scream

Few childhood memories are as fond as those summer days when, in the midst of sweltering heat, familiar music signaled the arrival of someone providing instant and delicious relief: the ice cream man. After pestering parents for money, kids would sprint to the truck to purchase their favorite ice cream confections: push-up pops, dipped cones, nutty buddies and a host of other tasty treats.

Sometimes they reached the truck in time and sometimes they didn’t. Inevitably, there was always one kid who simply moved too slowly—and this was the poor child you often saw chasing the ice cream truck before finally giving up and returning home, dejected and sad.

The scene of the ice cream truck tragedy (Scripps Media)

The scene of the ice cream truck tragedy (Scripps Media)

Last Friday in Kansas City, Missouri, the late child was 8-year-old Lillian Simon. She chased the truck and it briefly pulled over, but when it drove off again, the driver didn’t notice that Lillian had stepped in front of the vehicle. Lillian was run over and died a short time later at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

What a terrible price to pay for something that should eventually become a cherished childhood memory—as it was for many of us. Tragic doesn’t even begin to describe this terrible situation.

Day Care for Pot Heads?

When parents drop their children off at a licensed day care center, they expect them to be cared for in the same manner by which they care for them. After all, day care employees sometimes see children more than parents do—especially during the work week—so it is important for them to live up to these expectations… and they should be trusted to do so.

Sadly, this was not the case in Savage, Maryland recently.

Anderson was too ashamed to face the camera (ABC News Local)

Anderson was too ashamed to face the camera (ABC News Local)

Mary Maloney obtained an in-home daycare license for her residence at 9058 Baltimore Street, but it was 31-year-old David Anderson—with whom Maloney had a child—who lived at the residence. And it was Anderson who was arrested by police and charged with numerous drug offenses last week.

Upon searching the residence, police discovered a loaded handgun, fertilizer, seeds and numerous baggies filled with marijuana—all in a home frequented by children, some of them from military families. According to some reports, officers were seen leaving the home with buckets of pot, and customers from the neighborhood are understandably upset. They did learn a valuable lesson, though, and one articulated perfectly by Donna Hosang, a neighbor of Maloney and Anderson: “You just never know who lives next door to you.”

Amen to that, sister!

A Very Bad Sport

If you follow NFL football, then you likely know that my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers are struggling at the moment. Their record thus far is terrible, players continue to get injured and we simply cannot move the ball on offense. In other words, we’re headed for a losing season that, after so many recent victories, can be difficult for fans like me to stomach.

But I would never try to hurt someone who supported a different team… and I certainly wouldn’t let some innocent trash talking set me off to the point where violence seemed necessary.

If only others felt the same.

Early Sunday morning, police were called to the Ba’runi Hotel & Grille on Duss Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after sports trash talk turned into a violent stabbing. The culprits were Michael Landeros and Armando Encinas, an uncle and nephew originally from Maryland who apparently got into a heated argument about who was the best professional basketball player of all time: LeBron James or Michael Jordan.

Landeros and Encinas need to support better sports teams (WTAE-4 ABC)

Landeros and Encinas need to support better sports teams (WTAE-4 ABC)

One thing led to another and the trash talk expanded to include football and hockey—with the main focus falling on the Steelers and Penguins, the two local teams in these sports. Before anyone knew what was happening, Encinas pulled a knife and stabbed Ba’runi owner Alex Barlamas, as well as two others—patron Timothy Edwards and employee Robert Gavlua. All three men were taken to the hospital and they should all survive.

The same can’t be said for Encinas and Landeros, though. They have been charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault and disorderly conduct. And after they appear in court later this month, odds are they will spend at least some of their future behind bars.

And for what? Trash talking about sports. These two definitely aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box!

The Word of God

Our final news story comes from Phoenix, Arizona, where a man named Joseph Cecil has been arrested for murdering his mother, 65-year-old Ronna Thomas, and seriously injuring her 63-year-old sister… his aunt. Cecil attacked both women with a knife last Friday evening and his attack only ended after a neighbor intervened—he hit the knife-wielding madman over the head with a shovel to finally bring him down.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene and arrested Cecil, who was later booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention Center on charges of first-degree murder, aggravated assault and attempted murder. Thomas was taken to Casa Grande Regional Medical Center, but died from her wounds a short time later. Her sister was airlifted to a Phoenix-area hospital, but luckily she remains in stable condition.

If God speaks to someone, I seriously doubt Cecil would be His first choice (Pinal County Sheriff's Office)

If God speaks to someone, I seriously doubt Cecil would be His first choice (Pinal County Sheriff’s Office)

When deputies asked Cecil why he killed his mother and tried to kill his aunt, the young man answered simply that God had asked him to do it.

Now I’m not religious and never claimed to know everything about God, but does this seem like a request He would make? In the future, claiming that Satan made you do it might be easier to accept, Mr. Cecil… one look at you and I don’t know anyone who would doubt it!

Monday sure has taken a turn for the weird, but at least it will be coming to an end soon. I just wonder what we can expect to see in the news on Tuesday, my second least favorite day of the week!

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