Grandma Goes Nuts

The weapon that killed a baby girl (Conservation Groups)

The weapon that killed a baby girl (Conservation Groups)

What might cause a 61-year-old grandmother with no criminal background or history of mental illness to suddenly—and quite brutally—murder her own granddaughter?

That’s the question the parents of a 6-month-old girl  in Chicago are asking themselves right now. Unfortunately, they may never get an answer.

Last Sunday, the girl’s father dropped her off with her grandmother—Alfreda Giedrojc—so he could help with repairs on a nearby home. What happened while he was gone, however, would change his life and his family’s lives forever.

“Her father and grandfather had stepped out of the grandparents’ house for a short time when this horrific event took place,” a spokeswoman for the Cook County State Attorney‘s office said later. And trust me… the word horrific may be an understatement.

While her husband and son-in-law were away—and for no apparent reason—Giedrojc laid the child on the floor, grabbed a sledgehammer and proceeded to bash in the child’s head and body. As if this wasn’t enough, though, she then found a carving knife and used it to slit the baby’s throat… while she was still alive!

Imagine this poor child’s father when he returned to find his newborn daughter not just murdered, but slaughtered. I can’t even fathom what he must have been feeling and thinking, for that matter.

Personally, my first thought would be that grandma should be the next victim, but thankfully this father let law enforcement do its job. Giedrojc was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. She is currently being held without bail after appearing in court yesterday.

What led Giedrojc to murder? (Oak Lawn Police Department)

What led Giedrojc to murder? (Oak Lawn Police Department)

What is most bizarre about this story—and this should in no way detract from the tragedy of this poor child’s death—is that Giedrojc immediately showed remorse for her crime. She didn’t offer any explanation as to why she committed it, but she did claim to feel badly about it.

I should hope so! You killed your own flesh-and-blood, woman! What the hell is wrong with you!

More details about this grisly murder will undoubtedly surface soon. And perhaps we will soon know what led this grandmother to do such a horrible thing. If you ask me, she likely had some undiagnosed mental illness, but may not have been willing to address it. Or maybe she couldn’t afford the proper treatment. Who knows?

The important thing to remember is something I echo on my blog all the time: you may think you know someone well, but only they know the evil that dwells within them. Trusting anyone is difficult—especially these days—but family should be a given, right?

Apparently not…

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