Ryan Rocks!

Ryan and Obama cut through the crap (Pete Souza/White House)

Ryan and Obama cut through the crap (Pete Souza/White House)

I may not be a Republican, but I can say this: Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is one bad ass mother fo.

This current chairman of the House Budget Committee and former vice presidential candidate is, to me, one of the only politicians in our nation’s capital willing to employ the greatest weapon in his political arsenal: his mind. America sits on the brink of another economic collapse, but no one seems willing to do what is needed to “right the ship.” Compromise has been replaced with endless bickering and there is resistance around every corner. Meanwhile, our citizens suffer and our once great nation has become a laughing stock.

And then a young, intelligent and—as much as any politician can be—honest man from Janesville, Wisconsin stepped in and infused the stalemate between the two parties with something it had been sorely lacking: logic. Now it looks as if there could be an end in sight, at least in terms of the government shutdown and preventing the U.S. from defaulting on its debt.

In other words, lawmakers may finally do what they should have done before any of this nonsense started. Thank goodness.

A thinking politician? The nerve! (Getty Images)

A thinking politician? The nerve! (Getty Images)

It all began when Rep. Ryan published an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal earlier this week and urged Washington to end the stalemate. More than that, he offered clear and common sense ways to accomplish this—without making mention of Obamacare once!

Is it possible that someone figured out what most of us already knew—that the Affordable Care Act battle needs to be fought another day, while more pressing issues must be resolved NOW?

Apparently so, even though it seems like a “no brainer” to me. Incidentally, you can check out Ryan’s article by going HERE.

On Thursday, Ryan accompanied other House Republican leaders to the White House to meet with President Obama, but once again real progress seemed unlikely—at least until Obama’s former campaign foe stepped in and changed the tone of the day completely.

Ryan agreed that the GOP would never get everything it wanted, so the President asked how the two sides could work together to make something happen. By the time Republicans left the meeting, a day that began with the same old political posturing and immobility had been transformed into something more optimistic and likely to get America moving forward again. House Republicans proposed yet another approach to the President on Friday—one that still has not met his requirements—but at least now they’re talking and—more importantly—negotiating.

And isn’t that all we’re really asking of our elected officials: to do the job we hired them to do and to run our country responsibly—while always putting the welfare of the people first?

Ryan is also a strong believer in physical fitness (Time Magazine)

Ryan is also a strong believer in physical fitness (Time Magazine)

I am truly glad that Rep. Ryan seems to understand this, as I suspect most of our politicians do. Some just seem to have lost their way, but at least now there is hope of real change.

So I tip my hat to Paul Ryan, a Republican I respected before, but who I respect even more now. I cannot tell you how nice it is to see someone so ideologically opposed to President Obama, yet so willing to work together for the collective good of our country. And it’s obvious that Obama is responding to this common sense approach, so I am anxious to see where this leads us.

Is it too late to send House Speaker Boehner on vacation for a few weeks while Ryan and Obama work this out? His tan is looking a little pale these days!

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