No-No for CeeLo

CeeLo pleads not guilty in court (Mel Melcon/AFP/Getty Images)

CeeLo pleads not guilty in court (Mel Melcon/AFP/Getty Images)

Thomas DeCarlo Callaway—otherwise known as CeeLo Green—began his music career as a member of the Southern hip-hop group Goodie Mob, but many know him as one of the coaches on the NBC singing competition show The Voice. Unfortunately, the 38-year-old singer responsible for such hits as “Crazy” and “Forget You” is now performing in a different venue: criminal court.

Believe it or not, but CeeLo stands accused of slipping the drug Ecstasy to a 33-year-old woman during dinner in July of last year. They left the restaurant and returned to her hotel, but when the woman woke up the following morning, she was naked and CeeLo was still in her room. She later contacted the Los Angeles Police Department and filed a statement claiming the popular singer not only drugged her, but sexually assaulted her as well.

Fortunately for CeeLo, prosecutors decided not to file a rape charge against him due to “insufficient evidence.” Of course, he still faces a felony charge of furnishing a controlled substance, which could potentially land him in jail for up to four years if convicted. CeeLo appeared in court recently and pleaded not guilty—the judge set his bond at $30,000 and released him—but he is due to appear again on November 20th. And that’s when his real ordeal will begin.

Green on "The Voice" (Xfinity)

Green on “The Voice” (Xfinity)

According to the most recent reports, CeeLo plans to “responsibly address” the drug charge in court and is unafraid of the consequences since he knows that he’s innocent. In fact, his attorney Blair Berk almost makes it sound as if his client is looking forward to the opportunity to set things right.

Mr. Green encouraged a full and complete investigation of those claims, and he was confident once conducted, he would be cleared of having any wrongful intent and it would be established that any relations were consensual,” Berk explained. “CeeLo had faith that if the true facts were known, the district attorney would reject those charges.”

The drug Ecstasy (DEA)

The drug Ecstasy (DEA)

With his trial date looming and his future on The Voice in question, life for this Grammy-winning recording artist over the next few months won’t get any easier. Of course, a few months of suffering would be preferable to spending several years in prison, so I hope things work out for him… unless he’s guilty, in which case I hope he pays for what he’s done.

Until we get official word, though, I say we give CeeLo the benefit of the doubt. The truth is likely to come out eventually…

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