Pop-Up Post: Biblical Breakfast

The Bible: It's What's for Dinner (raheelq)

The Bible: It’s What’s for Dinner (raheelq)

“Your words were found and I ate them, and Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; For I have been called by Your name, O LORD God of hosts.”  – Jeremiah 15:16

When Christians talk about being filled with the Holy Spirit, I’m pretty sure they mean it figuratively. Not so for 22-year-old Jeremy Anderson of Oklahoma City, who seemed ready to make this literal until the police intervened.

Jeremy Anderson: Bible eater? (KFOR-TV 4)

Jeremy Anderson: Bible eater? (KFOR-TV 4)

Cops arrived on the scene last Wednesday to find Anderson—without a shirt—tossing objects from his apartment and shouting random things. Officers would later say it seemed as if he was “clearly out of touch with reality.”

Police approached the apartment—whose door had been kicked off its hinges—and attempted to engage Anderson, but he started tossing glass items at them and almost hit a few officers in the process. One officer attempted to use a Taser on Anderson, but he missed and all the seemingly disturbed man could do was laugh and claim Tasers wouldn’t hurt him anyway.

Despite their best efforts at negotiation, Anderson would hear nothing of it and continued to rant and rave—all the while tossing more household objects at them. More officers soon arrived to help, but when Anderson saw them, all he could do was urge the cops to lay down their weapons so they could engage him in fisticuffs instead.

The cops obviously rejected Anderson’s request and moved into phase two: using a key they obtained from the housing authority to quietly enter the apartment through its back door. One of the officers finally “got a bead” on Anderson and managed to hit him with a Taser, but all he did was rip off the probes and continue cursing at the police.

Oddly enough, this was the exact moment when a fire broke out and quickly spread through Anderson’s unit. Officers quickly entered the apartment in full riot gear and, after hitting Anderson with a Taser repeatedly, were finally able to drag him from the burning building and arrest him.

Anderson's newly remodeled apartment (KFOR-TV 4)

Anderson’s newly remodeled apartment (KFOR-TV 4)

According to the latest reports, Anderson claimed that all he was doing was remodeling the apartment. And when he was asked what started the mysterious fire that burned out his apartment, he said it began while he was—get this—“cooking the Bible.” He currently resides in the Oklahoma County jail.

Now I can’t be sure what Anderson was planning to do with a cooked Bible, but I can only assume his plan was to eat God’s word. Of course, he sounds like a raving lunatic, so it’s possible he had no plan at all… aside from remodeling his place and eating a hearty lunch!

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