Killer in the Cab

Is Jason winking at me? (Georgetown Productions)

Is Jason winking at me? (Georgetown Productions)

Did you ever wonder what happened to the actor who played the masked killer Jason Vorhees in Friday the 13th Part II?

Me neither, but it’s actually kind of interesting.

His name is Steve Dash—not to be confused with Steve Nash of the L.A. Lakers—and in 1981 he was cast in the low-budget sequel to 1980’s Friday the 13th, the “slasher film” that inspired countless others and spawned a franchise that probably should have ended after the two films.

In an interview with WPBF 25 News recently, Dash explained how he came to don the bag with one eye hole—which is what Jason wore in the second film—as well as the hockey mask now synonymous with the character.

“I got hired because the guy that they hired to play Jason couldn’t do his own stunts,” Dash explained. “I was a stunt guy. When I did it… I figured, ‘Who is ever going to watch this thing?’ Had I known what I know now, 31 years later, I would have been Jason in every one of them.”

The man behind the mask, Steve Dash (MySpace)

The man behind the mask, Steve Dash (MySpace)

Instead, Dash appeared in 1982’s Friday the 13th Part III—producers replaced the bag over Jason’s head with a hockey mask since keeping the one eye hole in place was such a pain in the ass—and 1984’s Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter—which really wasn’t the final chapter since it was followed by seven or eight more films.

These days, Dash spends his time in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he can either be found golfing or driving a taxi cab. His masked-killer-slaughtering-horny-and-stupid-teenagers-with-a-machete days are behind him, but he still relives the role that scared so many people whenever someone needs a lift.

“The funny thing is, I usually don’t say anything to anyone until the end of the ride,” Dash confessed. Of course, this makes perfect sense since recognizing him from the Big Screen would be impossible… at least without the hockey mask!

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  1. Interesting story! Besides Dash, Harry Chapin was cab driver. I’m many other famous people tried their hand at it. Though in most cases famous people driving cabs did so usually before becoming famous… I can certainly understand him going back, there is a strange allure to driving a taxi. I bet he would have stayed with it had he realized how big it would become, but then again so would the guy who invented jello… 😉 Great Post!

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