Pop-Up Post: Library Love

You just never know what... or WHO... they're working on (dejeka.wz.cz)

You just never know what… or WHO… they’re working on (dejeka.wz.cz)

Jamie Kurz was an assistant librarian in Estancia, New Mexico. One morning last August, she decided to start off on the right foot and went in to work a little early, ready to start her day and to open the library to the public. When she arrived, though, she noticed two cars parked outside: a town maintenance vehicle and the head librarian’s car.

Kurz didn’t think twice about it, went inside and started preparing for the new day. Then she heard some strange noises and decided to investigate.

On the floor of the children’s section she found the source of the unusual sounds: the appropriately named head librarian having sex with a maintenance worker!

True to form, the head librarian asked Kurz to keep quiet—not because they were in the library but because she wanted her sex secret protected—but Kurz refused. She immediately reported the incident to the city’s library director and also Mayor Sylvia Chavez.

“The mayor subsequently talked to Jamie about it [and] told her that it wouldn’t have any effect on her job,” Kurz’s attorney Joseph Campbell explained. Sadly, this was not the case.

When the head librarian returned to work, she claimed it was a hostile work environment and ultimately forced Kurz to take a leave of absence, which soon turned into the termination of her employment. The city library director was also fired.

According to Kurz’s termination letter—which incidentally came from the same mayor who claimed her job would be safe—she was fired because she never turned in her library key before she took leave.

Maybe the head librarian missed her calling (3 Quarks Daily)

Maybe the head librarian missed her calling (3 Quarks Daily)

Thankfully, all her overdue library books had been returned or the punishment would have been much more severe. I’m kidding!

Seriously, though, here’s an excerpt from the disturbing—and unexpected—termination letter:

“Your refusal to turn over Town property upon request and as required to ensure uninterrupted library services shows a lack of cooperation and willingness to work with supervisors. This behavior constitutes insubordination and jeopardizes the Town’s ability to serve its citizens.”

Of course, Kurz and Campbell see things much differently. Since the head librarian and maintenance worker are friends of the mayor, they believe the entire incident is being covered up and that Kurz was terminated only to protect Mayor Chavez’s “buddies.” They fully intend to pursue legal action and may file a tort claim to start the whistleblower ball rolling, so to speak. And they have a pretty convincing piece of evidence to boot: an audio recording of a conversation between Kurz and the head librarian, who doesn’t confess to the sexual encounter on the library floor, but tells Kurz she should find another job if she can’t handle the situation. This was obviously taped before Kurz was terminated.

Sex in the stacks is better than the floor of the children's room! (Temple News)

Sex in the stacks is better than the floor of the children’s room! (Temple News)

Injustice of any kind is terrible, but when good employees lose their jobs to cover up mistakes made by less responsible and trustworthy ones, it is even worse. And personally, it pisses me off.

Of course, it also makes you wonder how this “kinky librarian” got her current job. Is it possible her title is “head librarian” for a reason—a sexual one, if you know what I mean? If this is indeed the case, then I wonder if you need a library card to check her out…

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