The Queen of “Twerking” Returns!

Miley blazes up at the EMAs (MTV)

Miley blazes up at the EMAs (MTV)

On Sunday, the 2013 MTV Europe Video Awards ceremony was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. And at the top of the booking list was none other than the Queen of Twerking—and controversy—herself: Miley Cyrus.

True to form, this two-time performer for the night once again caused a stir when she walked on stage to accept the Best Video award for “Wrecking Ball” and promptly lit a joint before making her acceptance speech.

Laws regarding recreational drug use are far less strict in Amsterdam, as I’m sure you know, but no one expected to see drug use on stage, much less broadcast to millions of people around the world.

Tamed down performances from Cyrus... this time (MTV)

Tamed down performances from Cyrus… this time (MTV)

Fortunately, Miley made up for it by “toning down” her performances. Instead of bumping-and-grinding with Robin Thicke while performing her hit “We Can’t Stop,” Miley opted for giant teddy bears and dancing aliens—Thicke was replaced by a “little person” in a tight latex catsuit. And though some twerking took place, it was limited only to this performance and was absent by the time she performed “Wrecking Ball.”

Either way, leave it to Miley to find some way of getting back into the news. I noticed her name being absent from the entertainment headlines lately and apparently her publicist noticed as well because now, she’s right back where she belongs: causing controversy for the whole world to see.

Oh, Miley!

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