Give a Dog a Bone

Liberty should make detective soon! (KOMO News)

Liberty should make detective soon! (KOMO News)

Bill Flowers is a 93-year-old man who lives on the Nisqually Indian Reservation in western Washington State with his trusty dog, Liberty. And like most dogs, one of Liberty’s favorite things to do is to dig in the woods around Flowers’ home. Occasionally, he brings things back with him, mostly sticks and twigs. But last week, Liberty returned with something a bit more unusual: a human leg from the toes to the hip!

When Flowers discovered the leg, he considered calling the police, but instead buried it in his back yard since he “didn’t want to have to go to the pen for something [he] didn’t do.”

Fortunately, the voice of reason intervened—by which I mean his daughter, Cheryl—and Flowers finally phoned the authorities… a full four days after Liberty’s gruesome excavation.

Someone took the phrase "break a leg" far too literally! (Documenting Reality)

Someone took the phrase “break a leg” far too literally! (Documenting Reality)

On Sunday, officers from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department deployed five search dogs on Flowers’ property, making sure to include Liberty, who was outfitted with a tracking collar. Sadly, Liberty could find no other bones or body parts, but the search dogs uncovered a rib cage, a pelvis and a skull nearby. It’s still not clear whether the bones belonged to a man or a woman, but there can be no doubt they were human.

A pathologist is scheduled to review the remains soon, but authorities believe the bones were scattered by some kind of wild animal. Of course, this leaves me with one nagging question: Who got eaten?

Only time will tell, I suppose, but credit must be given to Liberty for helping to launch this new investigation. What a good boy… and a great detective, too!

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