Pop-Up Post: “A F—ed Up Accident”

When strangers come calling, look first and then shoot (Shutterstock)

When strangers come calling, look first and then shoot (Shutterstock)

Those were the grammatically challenged words that 52-year-old Adele Bing of Winter Haven, Florida used to describe the terrible tragedy that occurred at her home on Monday night—a tragedy that began to unfold earlier that same day.

Bing and her boyfriend James Lane had a volatile relationship and often fought as a result. Of course, the “heated argument” they had Monday afternoon went one step further when Bing grabbed her gun and smacked Lane over the head with it. As he stumbled out of the house—escaping what could easily have become a shooting or even a homicide, at least in my opinion—Lane and Bing exchanged the usual threats: “I’m going to come back and kill you!” “Oh yeah? Not if I kill you first!”

These obviously weren’t their exact words, but you get the picture.

Later that evening—as Bing was home doing whatever it is she does when she’s alone—someone suddenly started banging on her door. She immediately thought it was Lane coming to keep his promise, so she armed herself with a baseball bat and .22-caliber pistol, approached the door quietly, opened it and fired off a shot.

Unfortunately, the bullet never struck Lane because he wasn’t the person knocking at Bing’s door; it was her 25-year-old daughter Ruby who was, at the time, holding her 4-month old daughter.

Adele Bing did the wrong thing (Winter Haven PD)

Adele Bing did the wrong thing (Winter Haven PD)

The bullet struck Ruby in the upper chest—barely missing the baby, who escaped without injury—and she died at the scene. Witnesses saw Bing sitting on the ground, cradling her dead daughter and crying, “Baby girl, don’t die.” And when the police arrived to arrest her, Bing told them to “lock [her] away for good” since she didn’t have the heart to tell her grandchildren that she killed their mother.

She also told them she intended to kill Lane if he returned to her home, given his earlier threats. Oddly enough, though, Lane was at the emergency room being treated for that head injury at the time. Not only that, but he was being interviewed by police when the call came in about the shooting at Bing’s house!

Needless to say, Adele Bing currently resides in the Polk County Jail on charges of second-degree murder, as well as child abuse without great bodily harm. Of course, I think that poor little baby is the real victim here. After all, she just lost her mother and her grandmother… and all because of “a f—ed up accident.” What a shame.

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