Cashed Out Canines

One of Sandy's saved pets made more pets! (BNPS.CO.UK)

One of Sandy’s saved pets made more pets! (BNPS.CO.UK)

“She woke every day to help all of God’s beautiful creatures. She fed the deer, squirrels, birds, raccoons, geese and what she called Sandy’s Safe Haven for All Animals at her home.”

These words were taken from a statement issued in early November by the Animal Rights Foundation, an animal rescue organization in Ohio. They were meant to honor the group’s founder, 62-year-old Sandy Lertzman, who was found dead in her garage on November 4th.

The car had been running, which means Sandy’s death was intentional. She had committed suicide.

Some may have heard this story before—it isn’t exactly breaking news—but Sandy killed herself through apparent carbon monoxide poisoning and, as far as I know, a clear motive was never released. Police did discover some prescription medication and a suicide note, though, so more details are likely available. I didn’t research as thoroughly as I likely should have.

Lertzman loved her dogs (Facebook)

Of course, the mystery of Sandy’s suicide isn’t even the worst part of this tragic story. What struck me even more was the fact that she took 31 small rescue dogs with her!

That’s right. When police entered the garage, they discovered Sandy’s body along with the carcasses of dozens of slaughtered canines. Only one dog survived the massacre by jumping from the car and hiding in the back of the garage. I’m happy to say he is now resting comfortably with Sandy’s husband and son.

I have no idea what possessed this so-called “lover of animals” to destroy so many of them when she elected to take her own life, but one thing is perfectly clear: Sandy’s is not a safe haven for animals anymore!

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