Advertising for Murder

Craigslist is for killers (Craigslist)

Craigslist is for killers (Craigslist)

Newlyweds are known for a lot of things: sickeningly public displays of affection, rabbit-like sexual escapades, “goo goo” eyes and a host of others. In the case of Pennsylvania’s Elytte and Miranda Barbour, though—who were married in North Carolina on October 22nd—an additional feature can be added: murder.

The pair left North Carolina for Sunbury, Pennsylvania, a small city roughly 100 miles northwest of Philadelphia. To make ends meet, Miranda would often use Craigslist to attract men in need of companionship—men who were willing to pay for it. According to Elytte, she would use the site to meet “unhappy men” and would charge as much as $850 for what he called “delightful conversation.”

It would have to be extremely delightful at that price, but I digress.

On November 11th, Miranda met one of her Craigslist “companions” at a local mall: 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara, a married man. She lured LaFerrara into her red Honda CR-V and started to drive towards Sunbury, pulling over a short time later in a discreet location. LaFerrara began to touch Miranda—never knowing that Elytte was hiding under a blanket in the back seat—so he didn’t see her pull a knife from between the seats. As she stabbed him repeatedly, Elytte tied a cable cord around his neck so he couldn’t move. LaFerrara fought at first, but there was nothing he could do.

The killers: Elytte and Miranda Barbour (FOX 43 News)

The killers: Elytte and Miranda Barbour (FOX 43 News)

Miranda later told police that as she and Elytte drove around to find a good dumping spot for his body, LaFerrara was “choking and gasping for air,” but his breathing soon stopped. He was dead.

The Barbours continued to drive around and eventually found a garage behind a house in Sunbury to dump LaFerrara’s body. The owner of the home—Brittany Settler—discovered the gruesome delivery the next morning.

“I was making myself a cup of coffee and when I opened the fridge to get the creamer out, I looked and was like, ‘What is that?’” Settler investigated, found the body—LaFerrara’s face was purple and there was blood everywhere—and immediately called the police. They arrived and discovered that LaFerrara had been strangled and stabbed more than twenty times. Police also discovered his cell phone and the last number he dialed eventually led them to the Barbours.

After dumping the body, the Barbours went on a Walmart shopping spree for cleaning products to use on the bloody SUV. Then they went to a strip club to celebrate Elytte’s 22nd birthday. Apparently, murdering LaFerrara was his birthday gift.

Fortunately for everyone—especially the residents of Sunbury, an otherwise peaceful city that averages one murder every few years—the Barbours were picked up by police and confessed to their crime. In fact, they told the authorities that they wanted to kill someone together—they had apparently tried before, only to have their plans fail at the last second. LaFerrara was the one that “worked out,” but anyone who answered the advertisement likely would have met the same fate.

The victim: Troy LaFerrara (The Daily Item)

The victim: Troy LaFerrara (The Daily Item)

If people want to kill, they’ll kill, after all. It is only a matter of time.

The Barbours are currently behind bars and face a host of charges, including criminal homicide. They have been denied bail and will have their first days in court later this month. Of course, all of this leaves me with one nagging question that perhaps one of you can answer for me.

Given all the violence and death that seems to be connected to it, why in the hell would anyone use Craigslist?

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