Merry Christmas, Newtown

Christmas in Connecticut just won't be the same this year (

Christmas in Connecticut just won’t be the same this year (

December 14th may represent Day Two of the “12 Days of Christmas” to most of us, but to the people of Newtown, Connecticut, it means something much different, and much more tragic.

Last year on December 14th, a mentally disturbed 20-year-old named Adam Lanza murdered his mother at home, traveled to Sandy Hook Elementary School and slaughtered twenty young children, as well as six adult staff members. He then turned the gun on himself, bringing the death toll for that one fateful day to 28 people.

Despite having almost a year to cope with their losses, the families of the victims now have to face the anniversary of an event that forever changed their lives—an anniversary sure to be over saturated in the media.

Sadly, I’m probably not helping much by writing about it now, but I feel impelled to do so as a way of honoring those we lost, as well as those who survived and now struggle to come to terms with what happened on that horrible day. Please take a moment to remember the people whose lives ended because of one deranged young man:

The victims of Sandy Hook (Amanda Jean Brown)

The victims of Sandy Hook (Amanda Jean Brown)

  • Nancy Lanza
  • Rachel D’Avino
  • Dawn Hochsprung
  • Anne Marie Murphy
  • Lauren Rousseau
  • Mary Sherlach
  • Victoria Leigh Soto
  • Charlotte Bacon
  • Daniel Barden
  • Olivia Engel
  • Josephine Gay
  • Dylan Hockley
  • Madeleine Hsu
  • Catherine Hubbard
  • Chase Kowalski
  • Jesse Lewis
  • Ana Marquez-Greene
  • James Mattioli
  • Grace McDonnell
  • Emilie Parker
  • Jack Pinto
  • Noah Pozner
  • Caroline Previdi
  • Jessica Rekos
  • Avielle Richman
  • Benjamin Wheeler
  • Allison Wyatt

… as well as the shooter Adam Lanza, I suppose. Had he been effectively treated for mental illness, then there’s a good chance that this would not have happened. In this way, I consider him among the victims of this terrible tragedy, as well.

A makeshift memorial for the Newtown victims (Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)

A makeshift memorial for the Newtown victims (Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)

Although I feel horrible for the families of all the Newtown victims, I am especially concerned about the parents of the slain children. Christmas is a wonderful holiday for everyone, but for children it can be downright magical. The same can be said for parents, especially after seeing how much joy and happiness the holiday can bring to their kids.

Unfortunately, Christmas in Newtown simply won’t be the same for these poor people. Instead of enjoying the laughter and love of another holiday season, they will be reminded of the day when their happiness ceased, and when their children were taken from them. And there can be little doubt that the same thing will happen every Christmas, at least until parents join their children in “The Great Beyond.”

I may not be the religious type, but as you’re enjoying all that the Christmas season has to offer, please send a prayer to the people of Newtown. I assure you they need it more than ever…

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