For the Love of Katy

I “roar” every time I see Katy! (Taringa)

These days, few performers are as hot as Katy Perry. And where this California girl is concerned, the word “hot” applies in more ways than one.

I am absolutely in love with this gorgeous young woman. And despite liking Russell Brand, I have no idea what his problem is. He was lucky enough to marry Katy in 2010, but filed for divorce from her a mere 14 months later. Apparently they argued over starting a family and, as I understand it, he left because he didn’t want her “being the boss” of things.

What a dumb ass. She can boss me around any time!

Fortunately, this just means that Katy is available for smarter men to date—like singer/songwriter John Mayer, who’s had an on-again-off-again relationship with her since 2012.

He’s obviously no dumb ass. What happened to you, Russell?

At any rate, I decided to feature the lovely and talented Katy Perry in today’s post because, in my dreams, she happens across my article, loves it and immediately reaches out to me so we can start a friendship. Since I have a better chance of being appointed as the next Pope, though, I suppose I should be happy to have so many beautiful pictures of Katy to enjoy. Here are a few of my favorites, which I hope you appreciate as much as I do.

And if you are reading this, Katy, hit me up sometime. I’m no John Mayer, but I’m also no Russell Brand. Believe me.

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  1. You know, I just don’t find her that much of a vixen… 😦

  2. As beautiful and perfect as you may think she is, that doesn’t mean it would work out if you actually got into a relationship with her. Which explains the Russell Brand situation you mentioned. He was probably every bit as dazzled and enthralled with her appearance as you are, but that doesn’t mean it was enough to sustain a marriage. Like it or not, there’s more to life than looks and sex appeal.

    • You’re absolutely right, Ella. And please don’t confuse my humor as a general lack of marital understanding. As someone at the tail end of a crumbling marriage, one he tried desperately to save, I also know that the key ingredient must always be love. Hormones have been known to interfere from time to time, though. LOL

      Great comments, Ella! Thanks!

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