Don’t Say Uncle

Thaek is escorted to his eventual execution (AFP/KCTV/Getty Images)

Thaek is escorted to his eventual execution (AFP/KCTV/Getty Images)

As if the behavior of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un wasn’t bizarre enough, his recent actions even have some of his own citizens doubting his mental stability… and fearing for their safety.

In an unprecedented and very public move last Sunday, Jong-Un had his uncle—Jang Song Thaek, presumably the second most powerful figure in the mysterious nation—removed from a meeting of the Ruling Workers’ Party and dragged away on national television. This came only a few weeks after two of Thaek’s closest allies were publicly executed—Lee Yong-ha and Jang Soo-kee—and roughly a year after the removal of the country’s top general.

News of Thaek’s own execution was reported earlier this morning by the North Korean state media.

North Korea's Kim Jong-Un (NK News)

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un (NK News)

According to the latest reports, Thaek was suspected of corruption, drug abuse and a host of other “transgressions.” He was accused of attempting to overthrow the state and was even described by North Korean media as “despicable human scum.” Ironically, though, it was Jong-Un’s father—Kim Jong II, who died in 2011—that asked his brother to mentor the young leader. Thaek even played a pivotal role in helping Jong-Un assume power after his father’s death… for all the good it did him.

It seems obvious to many that executing his uncle was little more than a power move by the unpredictable and ruthless Jong-Un. In an effort to consolidate his authority—and to ensure that he remains the undisputed leader of his country—Jong-Un seems intent on removing anyone likely to stand in his way—even his own family members. And this crazy bastard has nuclear weapons!

Kim and Dennis kicking it (Reuters/Sports Illustrated)

Kim and Dennis kicking it (Reuters/Sports Illustrated)

I have no idea what the future will bring or what this deranged man will do next, but it seems as if more drastic measures must be taken to protect the world from Jong-Un’s tyranny and apparent interest in world domination. Diplomacy is step one and—as much as I hate to say it—I know who should visit the country on behalf of the U.S.: Jong-Un’s buddy and former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman.

After all, no one understands Rodman, so maybe he’ll have more luck figuring out Jong-Un!

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