So This is Christmas?

No, this isn’t the same boy (

From the moment I published “Merry Crime-mas!”—obviously referencing the shady characters that prey on people during the holidays each year—I knew it could never exist as a single article. Sad as it is, Christmas crime seems to increase as the holiday approaches. And I feel impelled to write about it so that it may serve as a cautionary tale for you, dear reader.

After all, you have to protect your peeps, right?

The latest scam comes from Middlebury, Connecticut and happened last Tuesday.

An unidentified elderly couple was relaxing in their home on Joy Road—staying warm on a cold winter day—when they were visited by a 12-year-old boy who offered to shovel their snow-covered driveway. The couple agreed and invited the boy’s parents inside to wait until their son was finished.

Everything was fine, conversation was good and once the boy was done, the family said their goodbyes and departed. Soon after, however, the couple noticed something strange: they were missing two debit cards, several checkbooks and roughly $1000 in cash!

The following photo of Edna Brewer was provided by the Middlebury Police Department.

You definitely made the naughty list, Edna! (Middlebury PD)

The police were immediately called and a short time later, the snow-shoveling boy and his father were picked up. Officers interviewed them both and determined neither had knowledge of the theft, which left only one suspect: the boy’s mother, 48-year-old Edna Brewer.

Brewer was soon located in nearby Waterbury, apprehended and charged with two counts of theft of a credit card, not to mention a string of lesser charges. She was released on $10,000 bond and will be arraigned on December 23rd.

In other words, she may not be behind bars this Christmas, but let’s hope she is for the next one to three!

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  1. This unfortunately helps buoy the very harsh view of never trying to help strangers. And I do hope they let her shovel snow in bright orange overalls.

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