Suffer the Little Children, Part Six

How could anyone hurt a defenseless child? (Home Helpers)

How could anyone hurt a defenseless child? (Home Helpers)

By now, you have probably heard about the arrest and sentencing of disgraced British rock star Ian Watkins. Just the other day, the former lead singer of the group Lostprophets was sent to prison for 35 years for a host of child sex offenses, including child sex abuse and attempted rape of a baby.

Watkins confessed to 13 offenses in Wales last month and received his sentence on Wednesday. Also sentenced were two co-defendants identified only as Mother A and Mother B. They received sentences of 14 and 17 years, respectively.

Details from this horrifying case are still emerging, but if two mothers were also punished, then I can only assume they were allowing the abuse to happen—or maybe even exchanging sexual rights to their children for money. You just never know. This was simply a terrible crime and, honestly, one that shocked even some veteran police officers.

“The investigation uncovered the most disturbing child abuse evidence I have seen in my 28 years as a police officer,” Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle said later. And at his sentencing hearing, Watkins got an earful from Judge Roger John Royce.

Watkins' perversions land him in prison (Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Watkins’ perversions land him in prison (Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

“I am satisfied that you are a deeply corrupting influence, you are highly manipulative, you are a sexual predator, you are dangerous,” Royce told him. “The public and, in particular, young females need protection from you.”

Indeed they do, but what about all the sexual predators still lurking around out there? As much as I hate to admit it, they are everywhere—even within a mile or two of my home. Granted, my “neighbor” is only a registered sex offender—meaning he served his time for whatever crime he committed—but to me there is little difference.

A sicko is a sicko, after all—and sometimes even the most intensive judicial, psychological or medical treatment can’t change that.

Fortunately, there are good people all over the world trying to protect children and their interests… as well as some bad people, like the Spanish burglar who made the news recently.

Last Thursday, Spanish national police arrested a 64-year-old man in the southern provincial capital of Jaen who is suspected of being a child molester.  True to form, the alleged pedophile and rapist worked as a youth soccer coach—where he had easy access to young players—and lured some of them home to watch dirty movies with him. The sexual abuse would obviously occur soon after.

To date, police have identified at least four young victims of this sick individual, including a 16-year-old who may have been abused for more than five years. How were they finally able to find this man and to put a stop to his crimes, you ask? That’s right—it was all thanks to that burglar I mentioned.

A vintage Super 8 sealed one child molester's fate (Lights in the Attic)

A vintage Super 8 sealed one child molester’s fate (Lights in the Attic)

As it turns out, the burglar robbed this particular child molester, stole a video camera and some tapes—along with some other valuables—and then made a horrible discovery: on one of the tapes was graphic video of his “victim” sexually abusing young boys!

In an amazing act of conscience—especially from a burglar risking capture—he packed the tapes into a brown envelope, left them under a car and made an anonymous call to police to tell them where they could be found. Inside the envelope were the home address of the suspected pedophile and a note that read: “I’ve had the misfortune that these tapes have fallen into my hands and I feel obligated to turn them in so that you can do your job and put that (expletive) in prison for life.”

Some might say the burglar was simply trying to throw police off his trail—and they may be at least partially right—but officers did find even more graphic child sex abuse footage in the pedophile’s home. And thanks to the “burglar with a conscience,” it looks as if there will be one less sexual predator running free in southern Spain, which is always a good thing.

Police are still searching for the good-hearted thief—who currently remains at large—but when they finally catch him, I hope his kind deed will equate to some sort of leniency.  He may be a criminal, but at least he took the time to help the children and to prove that there is indeed honor among thieves… at least to an extent.

Stay safe and be good to each other!

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