Snow Bunnies

Easily the cutest snow bunny of them all (Holy Taco)

Easily the cutest snow bunny of them all (Holy Taco)

There is a New Year’s superstition that claims what you do first in the new year is what you’ll end up doing all year round. Of course, this is a superstition for a reason—mostly because it’s complete horse shit. I mean, seriously. Do we really expect someone sleeping off an all-nighter of drunken debauchery to end up sleeping away most of their new year, too?

No way—and I’m sure those “midnight masturbators” are grateful. No amount of hand lotion can protect against a year-long bout of self-love, after all.

Despite being one of the least superstitious people around—and even though we’re four days into the new year—I’ll ignore my skepticism and try to believe this blog post will dictate how 2014 will be for yours truly. Yes, it’s wishful thinking, but can you blame someone preparing for single life again—especially a hot-blooded, heterosexual male like me? A man can dream.

Given my deep love for women—and even though my mother will likely curse me for doing this (she’s worried about what people might think, which obviously concerns me very little)—I want to pay tribute to some of the beautiful ladies who make the cold, snowy days of winter sizzle with raw sexuality: SNOW BUNNIES!

I do ask that you not confuse this with the racial slur for white women—as in “that snow bunny had a big old booty”—but for some reason, all the snow bunnies featured here are white. I wonder why that is? Oh well, that’s a question for another time. For now, please enjoy this gallery of lovely snow bunnies—any of whom could easily warm even the coldest winter night.

And if my 2014 is destined to be filled with snow bunnies like these, so be it! I only hope I live to see 2015!

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