The Sick Day

Believe me, I do (The Weather Network/Mediacom)

Believe me, I do (The Weather Network/Mediacom)

It finally happened. The flu has come to my house for the first time this season.

Maybe it’s this polar vortex and its arctic, bone-chilling temperatures that are to blame. Or the fact that one day it’s 30 degrees and the next it’s 65. Who knows?

The sad fact is that influenza is here now… and it totally sucks. Not for me, thankfully, but for my poor little man—although I have been kind of achy today, which is not a good sign. Time to push fluids and try to nip this thing before it really takes hold, I guess. Wish me luck (whimper, whimper).

Fortunately, my son’s temperature has dropped considerably and he actually ate something, so I know he’s on the road to recovery. And since I hope to avoid the flu this year—and got a damned flu shot to prevent it (we’ll see if it was worth the trouble soon enough)—today’s post pays tribute to one of the most annoying, dangerous, sniffling, snotty, painful, uncomfortable and downright unpleasant “bugs” ever to plague human beings: the influenza virus.

Please hold your applause until the end of the show…

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