The Broken Record

The broken record is ME! (CheeseLord)

Dark times have befallen Gnostic Bent, I’m sorry to say.

After taking a “maintenance day” on Saturday to deal with a sick child—followed by a very limited blogging day Sunday since that’s when I started to feel bad—I now run the risk of sounding like a broken record when I say, “With any luck, GB will return in full force tomorrow.”

You see, I am currently dealing with a perfect storm of illnesses that actually have me feeling worse than yesterday. The first to hit was a sinus infection late last week, which started clearing up until it was reinvigorated by—you guessed it—the flu.

This is supposedly a mild case since I did get a flu shot this year, but the difference is arguable when you tack allergy-related sinus funk onto it.

Needless to say, this crazy combination of crappiness has knocked me out of commission for at least another day, so hopefully I’ll be back then with something a little more substantial for you, dear reader. In the meantime, though, it’s back to medicine, bed rest, hot and cold flashes, endless rivers of mucus and a cough that would make a tuberculosis patient proud.

Oh joy!

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