The “White” Stuff

You know this can really happen, right? (Carlson)

You know this can really happen, right? (Carlson)

Less than a week has passed since our first significant snowfall of the year here in North Carolina—and now it appears as if we’re getting hit again. Only this time, winter will be arriving in full force, much like it has for our northern brothers and sisters all season.

Right now, roughly 140 million Americans in 34 different states are under some kind of winter weather advisory or warning. Where I am, there’s definitely a warning since the system scheduled to arrive this afternoon could dump as much as half a foot of snow on me and my neighbors… maybe more!

I love the snow, especially as seen from the comfort of my cozy, warm home. Being out in the snow has always been enjoyable, too, and skiing used to be one of my favorite pastimes—when my knees and back could handle it, I mean. The mountain beat the hell out of me the last time I went, so my days as a skier are clearly behind me. I do enjoying watching it on television, though.

The forecast in my area (WRAL-TV)

The forecast in my area (WRAL-TV)

What sucks about the wintry weather—even though it really can’t help itself—is when it leads to power outages. Unfortunately, I don’t have a fireplace, kerosene heater or any other device capable of producing heat if this happens. My only recourse will be to wrap myself in blankets from head-to-toe and, when all is said in done, I’m sure I’ll resemble some kind of overdressed, retail store Bedouin.

No offense to any Bedouin readers, of course.

It also sucks that the instant a snowflake touches down here, people forget how to drive properly. Granted, they were never very good to begin with, but adding the slightest precipitation makes getting from point A to point B nearly unbearable… even more so than usual.

These are the kinds of drivers I mean (Bangor Daily News)

These are the kinds of drivers I mean (Bangor Daily News)

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing some of the white stuff—a lot of it actually, if the forecasts are to be believed. Yet it’s just after 1 p.m. and not a flake has fallen. You know what that means, right?

This storm is about to sneak up and knock us on our asses. Brace yourselves, fellow Southerners.

And by all means, stay off the damn roads.

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