Knox Convicted

Knox and Sollecito (New York Daily News)

An Italian appeals court has just convicted former exchange student Amanda Knox on murder charges and sentenced her to 28½ years in prison. Her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was sentenced to 25 years.

The charges stem from the November 2007 murder of Knox’s former roommate—Meredith Kercher—who was found dead in the house they shared in Perugia, Italy. Knox and her boyfriend Sollecito were convicted of the murders a few years later, but were released in 2011 when the charges were overturned on appeal.

For the next year, Knox lived quietly and unassumingly in Seattle, Washington. Sadly, her break from the spotlight would be short-lived. In March, Italy’s Supreme Court overturned the acquittals for both Knox and Sollecito and, as you can see, this is the end result.

Amanda Knox today (ABC News)

If either of them ever returns to Italy, their second destination after the airport will be a prison cell. Of course, Knox has no intention of ever going back, as she expressed in an interview with Italian daily La Repubblica earlier this month.

When asked what she would do if found guilty, Knox said simply, “I will become… a fugitive.” And who could blame her?

Fortunately, the American justice system—despite its many faults—will not allow a citizen to be tried twice on the same charge, so it’s unlikely Knox will see any more jail time. She already spent four years behind Italian bars for a crime she still says she did not commit, so I’m sure she’s gotten the last “taste of Italy” she could ever want.

There are plenty of other countries to visit… but I suggest Amanda not see them through a student exchange program. Call me superstitious…

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  1. Since we did not see or hear the evidence, we will truly never know. Only she does.

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