Burning Legs and Breasts

Yum… fried chicken (Getty Images)

It is my sad duty to report on a terrible tragedy that occurred in La Grange, Wisconsin last Friday night. And trust me when I say this was a tragedy most fowl.

Around 7:30 p.m., firefighters in La Grange received a call about a blaze that had broken out at the S&R Fresh Egg Farm. According to Fire Chief John Duerst, the entire northern building of the farm was engulfed in flames when crews arrived. And since water had to be transported from miles away to the rural area, more than 60 fire agencies and as many as 200 firefighters assisted in extinguishing the blaze, which took roughly 15 hours. Fortunately, no human beings were injured, but the poultry fatalities were astounding.

In what can only be described as a chicken holocaust, nearly 300,000 birds perished in the fire, most within the first 10-15 minutes. Hundreds of thousands of chickens survived, but sadly it was too late for their family and friends.

But I can say this: it sounds like one hell of a barbecue!

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